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How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM In Ghana

Thanks to MTN and all the banks that have made this possible. 

It is now possible to withdraw your MTN mobile money from the ATM.

Ever since the mobile money service was launched ten years ago, it has helped a lot of Ghanaians.

Before mobile money, Ghanaians will have to go through a lot to send money or receive money from someone.

But thanks to mobile money, now sending and receiving money has been easy.

The mobile money service was launched to help people send and receive money, but ever since it was launched, so many features have been added to it, such as paying for bills, and school fees using it to buy movies and plane tickets.

Although Ghanaians were happy mobile money was invented, some found it difficult to withdraw cash at night.

To withdraw mobile money or load your wallet, one will have to visit the nearest mobile money merchant and exchange his physical cash for e-cash. The mobile money merchant will collect the physical money and then send the e-cash to the person’s mobile money number.

But what if you needed money, but it was late, and all these mobile money merchants were closed?

This has happened to a friend before. Around 2:00 am, I saw my phone ringing, and I woke up and picked up the call. A friend told me his sister is not feeling well and has to be taken to the hospital.

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Although he has enough money in his mobile money wallet, he needs physical cash with him, and all the mobile money merchants were asleep by that time (it was 2:00 am, lol).

So I told him not to worry because MTN has made it possible to generate a token and withdraw it from the ATM. I told him to visit the nearest bank near him and then took him through how to withdraw his mobile money from the ATM, and within minutes, he had enough cash with him.

That is what you are going to learn today; you might have been in the same situation where you needed physical cash badly, but all the merchants are closed.

So without wasting much time, let me take you through, but before that, you will need to know the banks that MTN mobile money has partnered with. These are the banks where you can withdraw your mobile money from their ATMs

Available Banks In Ghana That Support MTN Mobile Money Withdrawal On Their ATMs

  • Access Bank
  • Stanbic Bank
  • ABSA Bank
  • Fidelity Bank
  • Zenith Bank
  • GT Bank
  • Ecobank

How To Withdraw MTN Mobile Money From ATM In Ghana Any Day

  1. Assuming you are in front of the ATM, dial *170# on your phone
  2. Type 5, which is Financial Services
  3. Select 1, Bank Service
  4. Select 3, ATM Cash Out
  5. Select 1, Generate Token and type in your Four Secret Code
  6. Enter the amount you want to withdraw from the ATM
  7. An authorization pop-up message will be sent to you. Authorize the transaction by typing in your mobile money pin code
  8. Confirm by selecting 1. You will receive your mobile money token. (This is the Token you will use to receive the cash from the ATM).
  9. On the ATM, select Cardless Services
  10. Choose Mobile Money
  11. Enter the Token you were given when you confirmed the transaction
  12. Noe type in your four secret PIN Code
  13. Enter the amount you chose, or when generating the Token, you will be asked if you want a receipt for your transaction. This is up to you
  14. Within a minute, the ATM will dispense your money to you.
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What To Note When Withdrawing Mobile Money From The ATM

The ATMs do not dispense GHS 1 or GHS2, so if you want to withdraw GHS523, you will have to type in GHS520 to receive what you want.

If you find yourself unable to withdraw the mobile money, all you have to do is reverse the token and retry the whole process again.


You don’t have to think of needing money while all the mobile money merchants are closed.

Generating a token on your MTN mobile money account and withdrawing from any bank has been easy, and in this article, we went through the step-by-step guide on doing this.

You can also read this article covering how to generate mobile money token on all the other remaining networks in Ghana.

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