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All You Need To Know About Phoenix Insurance Company

Phoenix Insurance Limited is a prominent insurance company operating in Ghana, known for its extensive experience and reliable insurance services.

As one of the top insurance companies in the country, Phoenix Insurance Limited has built a notable presence in the insurance industry.

Established with the goal of providing comprehensive insurance solutions, Phoenix Insurance Limited has garnered a reputation for its commitment to customer satisfaction and financial security.

The company’s years of experience contribute to its understanding of the diverse insurance needs of individuals and businesses in Ghana.

In exploring Phoenix Insurance Limited, individuals can expect to find a range of insurance products and services designed to address various aspects of risk management.

The company’s track record and commitment to excellence make it a noteworthy choice for those seeking reliable insurance coverage in Ghana.

About Phoenix Insurance

Phoenix Insurance Limited, established in Ghana in 1995, stands as a prominent private insurance company in the country.

As a private liability insurance entity, it operates with a blend of local and foreign shareholders, with CD Investment Limited, a Ghanaian consortium, holding the majority stake.

The company positions itself as an experienced and stable insurance entity, emphasizing financial strength and a robust business model.

With a commitment to serving a diverse range of clients, Phoenix Insurance Limited engages in sound reinsurance arrangements, encompassing both local and international programs.

This approach enables the company to underwrite various types of general insurance, catering to businesses of all sizes.

Phoenix Insurance Limited takes pride in its strong client base, strategically serving customers across the country through its branch network.

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The company has cultivated a unique reputation by delivering reliable, relevant, and innovative insurance products and services at competitive rates.

Notably, the company has established an impressive track record in claims payments, contributing to the trust and confidence of its clients.

This commitment to excellence positions Phoenix Insurance Limited as a reputable player in the insurance industry in Ghana.


Phoenix Insurance Limited caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from individuals and small businesses to some of the largest corporate entities in Ghana.

The company has successfully built enduring relationships with its clients, many of whom have chosen to remain with Phoenix for their insurance requirements.

This loyalty can be attributed to the company’s exceptional and reliable operational approach, which has garnered trust and confidence since the beginning of their collaboration.

The recognition of Phoenix Insurance Limited as one of the top insurance companies in the country is a testament to its commitment to excellence and client satisfaction.

With a track record of delivering on its promises and providing effective insurance solutions, the company has earned a distinguished position in the insurance market in Ghana.

As Phoenix Insurance Limited continues to serve its clients with dedication, it maintains ambitious goals of leading the insurance market in Ghana.

The company aspires to be a model insurance provider, setting the standard for excellence and reliability in meeting the diverse insurance needs of individuals and businesses throughout the country.

Mission Statement

Phoenix Insurance Limited is guided by a mission statement focused on delivering the best and highest quality insurance services to all its clients.

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The company aims to achieve this by creating a unique and innovative portfolio of products that distinguishes it from the competition.

Phoenix Insurance Limited is committed to understanding the diverse issues faced by its customers, leveraging this understanding to tailor insurance services that best suit the unique needs of its clientele.

In alignment with its mission, Phoenix Insurance Limited seeks to stand out in the insurance industry through a commitment to excellence, innovation, and a deep understanding of its clients’ challenges and requirements.

By providing high-quality and customized insurance solutions, the company aims to establish itself as a trusted and preferred choice for individuals, small businesses, and large corporate entities in Ghana.


The company’s objective is to:

  1. To pay genuine claims within the shortest possible time after all needed documents have been provided by the client
  2. Design innovative products that meet the insurance market
  3. To keep employees satisfied so that impeccable high customer service can be achieved.


The company offers some advantages to customers through the:

  1. Specialist insurance advice to clients
  2. Flexible underwriting
  3. Independent and on-site risk management inspections as well as further expert advice on matters

Company Values

Phoenix has several corporate values that guide the company in its business at all times. The company’s core values are:

  1. Speed
  2. Integrity
  3. Customer Delight
  4. Expertise
  5. Professionalism

Phoenix Insurance Company Contact

In case you like what you have read so far and feel like contacting Phoenix Insurance, then here are the contact details of the company below.     

Head office in Accra location

  • House no. 244/3, 6th Ringway Estates
  • P. O. Box 17753, Accra- Ghana
  • 233-302-246319, 246322, 246644
  • 233-302-246311
  • Email- [email protected]
  • Website-
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Phoenix Insurance Limited stands as one of the premier insurance companies in Ghana. For detailed information about their offerings, and services, and to explore whether they align with your expectations from an insurance company, you are encouraged to visit their official website.

The website is likely to provide comprehensive insights into Phoenix Insurance Limited’s products, values, and commitment to delivering exceptional insurance services.

Visit their website to make an informed decision and determine if Phoenix Insurance Limited is the right choice for your insurance needs.

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