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How To Renew Your National Health Insurance In Ghana With Your Phone

Are you looking for NHIS renewal code?

The shortcode for NHIS renewal is *929#, you can dial this shortcode on your phone to renew your national health insurance.

The article you are about to read will take you through how to renew your national health insurance with your phone, making sure you can do it yourself at home.

In addition, we will also cover how to register for the NHIS if you don’t have one and answer all the questions surrounding the NHIS.

The national health insurance scheme is a program that was launched in the year 2003.

Before the national health insurance scheme, Ghanaians had to pay for their hospital and medicine bills when they were sick.

This was very difficult for low-income citizens as many of them wouldn’t have money to pay for the drugs they had been asked to buy.

Luckily the national health insurance scheme was introduced.

The National Health Insurance Scheme was launched to make drugs affordable to poor people in particular.

Thanks to national health insurance, people can get free drugs without having to pay for anything.

When the government launched this program, many Ghanaians were so happy because it was not all that easy to pay for drugs when you are sick.

So How Does The National Health Insurance Scheme Work?

The main aim of introducing the national health service is to provide financial access to quality health care for Ghanaians.

There is a National Health Insurance Levy, a 2.5% levy on goods and services collected under the TAX collected in the country.

To enjoy the national health insurance scheme, one will have to register.

How To Register For The National Health Insurance

  1. To register for the national health insurance scheme, you will have to visit any NHIS office around you with your Voter’s ID card, Ghana Card, or Passport.
  2. There are two categories when it comes to registering for NHIS. The agent will first interview you to know which category you join. They are An annual premium member (you will renew your subscription every year)and a member of the exempt group (you will not pay a processing fee).
  3. A registration officer will fill in your details using your ID card. Some of the details are:
    Your full name
    Date of birth
    Mobile phone number(s)
    Residential address
  4. You will then be asked to pay the registration fee, which is GHS 80. after that, the officer will take your biometric information and your photograph.
  5. You will be asked to choose your primary care provider, which means the place you will mostly visit to receive treatment, either a clinic, primary hospital, or polyclinic.
  6. After that, you will wait for some minutes, and your national health insurance card will be ready.
  7. From there, you can take it to any hospital to receive treatment. Also, note that it is best to register your NHIS before getting sick because it will not be effective when you get ill and rush to register. NHIS card becomes effective after one month of registering.
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So you have now been able to get yourself a national health insurance card, and this card also needs to be renewed every year.

At first, people will have to visit the national health insurance office to renew their cards. Still, now things have changed, now it is easy to renew your national health insurance on your phone in the comfort of your home, and this article will cover everything you need to know.

Let’s talk about the health insurance renewal process since it is easier to renew on the phone with a shortcode.

How To Renew Your National Health Insurance On The Phone

  1. On your phone dial the NHIS renewal code which is *929#
  2. Select 2: Renew Membership
  3. Select 1: NHIS CARD since this article is going to cover NHIS
  4. Now enter your membership number on the front of your NHIS card
  5. Confirm your membership number
  6. Pay the amount that will appear on the screen. (Please note, the renewal fee is based on the months and years it took before you decided to renew your card)

Also, note that you will pay an additional GHS 1 fee.

What Is The Health Insurance Renewal Code In Ghana

The national health insurance renewal code is *929#. After that, you will then follow the prompt to renew your card.

don’t worry; we are going to dive in more and, in addition, take you through what all the prompts mean

What Is The NHIS Renewal Fee In Ghana

Renewing your NHIS cost from GHS 30 going, depending on the months and years your card expired before you decided to renew.

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What Are The Benefits Of Renewing Your NHIS On Your Phone?

It Saves Time

Now you don’t have to worry about stopping your work and visiting the NHIS office. Renewing your expired membership with your phone helps you save time.

Save Travel Expenses

NHIS offices in the country are not all that many, so when you want to renew your expired NHIS card, you will have to travel from your place to another.

But with the introduction of phone renewal, you don’t have to spend any money traveling to another location to renew your card.

When Can I Start Using My NHIS Card After Renewal

The NHIS card becomes effective to use one month after renewal. So it is best if you renew it right after it expires to avoid paying high renewal fees.

How To Renew Your NHIS With An SSNIT Card

Do you remember we talked about two groups of people when it comes to registering NHIS?

SSNIT workers are part of the exempt group, meaning they do not pay the processing fee.

So if you are an SSNIT worker and want to renew your NHIS, all you have to do is contact the NHIS office number on 0302 233255/ 241690/ 328136/ 216970.

Here is also their physical address: No. 36-6th Avenue, Opposite AU Suite, Ridge Residential Area, Accra.

How To Replace Your National Health Insurance Card?

Maybe you have mistakenly misplaced your NHIS card, or it has been lost, defaced or damaged. There is a way to get a new one, to do this:

  1. Visit the nearest NHIS office near you
  2. Get one of the replacement forms and fill in your details
  3. Now pay the replacement fee.
  4. Within minutes, you will be given a new card.
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Now it is easier to renew your national health insurance on the phone. In this article, we covered NHIS renewal code and how to renew your NHIS on the phone.

In addition, we covered how the NHIS was launched, and how to register for NHIS, and answered all the questions surrounding NHIS and renewing.

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