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How To Get The Best Out Of Uber

Read this article to know more about Uber, how to get early, some safety precautions to take before ordering, how when to order Uber and many more.

Uber, a global ridesharing company, commenced operations in Ghana in 2016. The main objective of the company is to link people who are looking for rides with vehicle owners who want to make extra money by sharing giving rides with people.

For most people in Ghana, Uber is as simple as downloading the app, signing up, and then ordering a ride to wherever they intend to go.

However, there are several ways that one can make their rides smooth and enjoyable. Why get a stressful ride when you can enjoy it since you are renting the car for your journey? It could take more than that.

What is Uber?

Uber Technologies, Inc, is an American company that has an interest in several industries such as ride-hailing, food delivery as well as other delivery services.

In Ghana, the company mainly operates a ridesharing service whereby people can get a ride by hailing one on an app. 

How To Get The Best Out Of Uber

Your Neighborhood

There are several tricks that one can use to get the best efficient rides out of Uber. Before talking about the tricks that one can use to get a great Uber experience, you will need to know if Uber is compatible with your neighborhood.

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The ridesharing platform currently operates in Accra, Tema, and Kumasi only. 

Most people think that Uber is easy to the extent that as soon as you open the app, you get a ride coming to pick you up.

However, it is not that easy. Sometimes you will have to try about five times before you will be able to get a ride to respond to you.

That is if you can get a driver that would be willing to pick you up in the first place. It mainly depends on where you are in the compatibility areas since some drivers may not want to come to certain areas.

People in Accra and Kumasi with good internet connection as well as those in affluent areas like East Legon, Osu, Labone, and the Airport residential areas have a better chance of catching a ride compared to people who are not based in these areas buy in places like Weija and McCarthy Hills environs.

Another venue that has a good number of cars is the campus of the University of Ghana. This is because the campus has a lot of young people who are well-versed in the use of technology.

This gives a tip as to where you should hail an Uber. You should make sure that you are at a location where you would have a good chance of catching a ride as soon as you open the app.

If you know that you are in an area where it would be hard to hail an Uber, there is no sense waiting for one then.

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You will end up being late for wherever you are going. You will just be wasting your time with a ‘no cars available’ sign looking at you.


You must always call Uber ahead of time. You should make sure to hail an Uber at least 20 minutes before the time that you will need it.

This also means that you should look for rides even before you start getting ready to leave. This is because most people in Ghana do not adhere to time.

If you finish getting ready before calling the Uber, you will find yourself waiting for 20 minutes before he arrives.

When the Uber app tells you that a driver is just 10 minutes away, it does not mean that the driver will reach you in 10 minutes. 


As we know, there are a lot of people who use their vehicles for nefarious activities. It is not every Uber driver that is legit.

Some are just using the platform to carry out sinister acts. Some of the drivers also do not drive safely.

You should be able to tell them to slow down when they do so. Always have a friend monitor your ride to make sure that you are safe. 


Using notable landmarks to guide the driver is a great way to get him to reach you quickly. This helps you to know if the driver knows your neighborhood or not. 


Uber is great to get around town and knowing how to get the best out of the ridesharing platform makes it more fun, you can also check out how to register as a bolt driver if you want to join this business.

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