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Chromebook Vs Laptop, The Differences Between The Two

Most people who know about their tech gadgets know that when it comes to choosing a portable, thin and light computer that can be carried around anywhere, they have to decide between two, either a normal laptop or a Chromebook.

Is the laptop a better choice than the option than Chromebook, or the Chromebook steals the show with its minimalistic operating system. If you are trying to get your hands on a new machine but having a hard time choosing between a laptop and a Chromebook, do not worry at all.

In this article, you will be able to find the differences between the two of them so that you will be able to finally settle on an option that will suit you. You will be able to see the main difference between the normal laptop and the Chromebook as well as the advantages of each machine.

The laptop and the Chromebooks are portable forms of the computer that are designed to be used anywhere such as on top of a desk or a couch or even on your lap. However, there are some differences between the two machines that could influence your buying decision.

Both the normal laptops laptop and the Chromebook are categorized as ‘laptop’ computers due to the fact each machine is a portable PC that can be moved around and operated. However, there is a difference between the two. Below are the major difference between a Chromebook and a laptop computer. We will look at them one after the other so that you can better understand them.

Differences Between A Chromebook And A Laptop

Here are the main differences between a laptop and a Chromebook. 

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People are more familiar with the laptop. A laptop is operated by a PC operating system like Microsoft Windows which allows users to work on the familiar desktop workspaces where users launch their programs which has been installed on the laptop. Users are also able to store documents and files as well a whole lot of other things that can be done.

Laptops come with hundreds of gigabytes of storage space which can be either an SSD or HDD. Laptops also have added features such as DC players and USB ports for connecting peripherals as well externals.

Some laptop computers like the Lenovo Legion series are engineered to be gaming machines that are used for playing video games whiles the Lenovo Thinkpad series of laptops are more suited for enterprise work. This shows that there are a lot of laptops that can be used for different purposes.


Chromebooks are different from laptops. They can become slow when they are in low memory or when they are trying to access internal storage components. Chromes operate differently compared to how laptops operate.

They are powered by lightweight operating systems like the Google Chrome OS with the chrome web browser as its primary interface. Almost everything on the Chromebook is done online through the chrome web browser or by cloud. This helps to improve the speed and efficiency of the Chromebook.

Chromebooks are also built to make use of web applications instead of software like you will find on a computer. These web-based apps can be accessed at all times by simply entering the URL of the web-based tool you want and start.

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Memory And Cloud Storage

One advantage of the Chromebook’s web-based apps is that they reduce the demands on the local storage system as users of the Chromebook normally have their files, documents, pictures, and music on the cloud storage.

Chromebooks also normally do not come with the latest and fastest processors on the market. This is since they do not need them. Some features found on a laptop such as graphics cards and large storage disks are also absent on a Chromebook. This all contributes to the lightness of the Chromebook. However, they cannot be customized like a laptop would.  


Here are the similarities between a laptop and a Chromebook

Cloud storage

The points mentioned above are not limited to Chromebooks alone. Laptops can use store files and documents on the cloud. Chromebooks also have USB ports although they are fewer than those found on a laptop.   


Chromes get more out of their batteries due to their lightweight nature. Laptops are also now able to have longer battery life due to developers finding new ways to add more batteries.


Chromebooks are very potable machines since they are thin as well as light. Laptops can also be carried with you anywhere although there are different sizes of laptops.


Laptops come with sturdy frames and with strong keyboards that are known to be used for military and industrial purposes. However, Chromebooks have also been catching to the laptops in this regard as they continue to come with fewer moving parts among other durability add-ons

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From the above, we can see that there are certainly some differences between the laptop and the Chromebook. Chromebooks are also catching up to the laptop computers as some now have the option to provide users with windows style desktop


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