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Where Telegram Stores Images And Files On PC

So you have downloaded the Telegram app for your PC and have already chatted with some people who have already sent you some images. However, you don’t seem to know where you can locate the images that they sent on your desktop computer.

Although Telegram has been gaining some popularity in recent times, one thing that most people seem not to know is how to locate the photos that are sent on the desktop version of the app.

Telegram allows you to use the same account on different platforms, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. All these were able to synchronize at the same time and allowed users to have access to all documents they receive on their devices with their phone number only.

However, the location of these documents can vary. In this article, I will be showing you how you can locate these images and documents. Let us look at how you can locate the documents on your desktop computer.

How To Locate Telegram Images And Files On Desktop

First of all, you can see the files when you click on them in the Telegram app, which is the easiest way to look at them. However, you want to transfer them from your computer with a USB cable. In this case, you will need to know where they are. Please follow the steps below.

  1. Open your file explorer
  2. Go to the downloads folder and open it
  3. Here, you will be able to see all the files that have been downloaded onto your computer. However, you will also see another folder titled ’Telegram desktop’. Double click on this folder to open it
  4. Inside it, you will find all the images and documents that have been sent through your Telegram desktop app. 
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You should also note that the moment you install the Telegram app on another computer and open a chat, all the files and documents will be downloaded again onto the new computer. This will help to make sure that you have all the documents in your Telegram that you need.


So this was about how to locate the documents that are sent to you on your desktop Telegram app. You can see that locating them is quite easy.

I hope this article has been helpful to you guys. Make sure to visit for more articles soon. 

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