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How To Know If You Have Been Blocked By Someone On Telegram (5 Easy Ways)

Telegram, known for its privacy-focused approach, operates on Android, iOS, and PC platforms. It has emerged as a prominent competitor to the well-known WhatsApp messaging app.

Telegram distinguishes itself by utilizing bots, allowing users to create and share their stickers directly with friends and contacts.

In terms of privacy, Telegram differs from WhatsApp in that it doesn’t notify users when someone blocks them.

However, if you suspect that a contact may have blocked you, likely, they’ve already done so. Telegram, unlike WhatsApp, doesn’t explicitly inform users of being blocked.

Therefore, you may need to engage in some detective work within the app to confirm whether you’ve been blocked or not.

The following actions can help you determine if you’ve been blocked on Telegram.

How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On Telegram

Use the tips below to verify if you have been blocked or not.

‘Last Seen’ And ‘Online’ Status

When someone blocks you on Telegram, you will not be able to view their last seen. You will also not be able to see whether they are online or not. These will not be shown to you by Telegram and that can mean that the said contact has blocked you already.

Profile Photo Will Not Show

Apart from not being able to view the ‘last seen’ and ‘online’ status of the contact, you will also not be able to see his profile photo if he has blocked you. So if you find out that you have not been able to view your contact’s profile photo for a long time. Then you may have been blocked.

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Messages Not Sent

When someone blocks you on Telegram, your messages will no longer be able to reach them. So when you see that the messages you saw to that contact a long time ago have still not been sent, then it is likely that you have been blocked by that contact.

Video And Voice Calls

If you are still not sure if the person has blocked you, you can try by placing a voice or video call to the person on the Telegram app. If the voice or video call does not get complete, then you have been blocked.

Deleted Account Warning

Telegram comes with the ability for users to delete their entire chats when this happens, the users who had been chatting with that account will receive a ‘delete account’ notice when they try to chat with that account again.

If you do not see this warning, then you have been blocked by the contact because this notice is only shown to accounts that were actively chatting with that contact.


With these tips, you can verify easily if someone has blocked you on Telegram or not. If you have been blocked, then you will probably tick a check on all the tips that have been outlined here.

If you realize that you did not check any of the tips here after reading through it, then maybe you have not been blocked and it is the contact has probably gone offline for some much-needed vacation.

I hope this article has been immensely helpful to you as you seek more knowledge about the usage and operation of Telegram, which is one of the most privacy-focused messaging apps in the world at the moment.

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