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How To Manage An Anonymous Telegram Admin Mode

Since its popularity, Telegram has been adding features after features to make the messaging app more enjoyable to its millions of users all over the world. 

One of the newest features that have been added by the developers of the app is a new mode known as the ‘anonymous admin’ mode. This new feature allows the admins of a group to become anonymous so that no one will know them.

This means that the admins of the group will not be seen when a person looks at the list of members of the group. The person will only see the members of the group and not the admins. The messages that will be sent by the anonymous admins will also appear as being sent by the group. The anonymous admin’s name will not appear there.

Why Is The Anonymous Admin Feature Good?

The anonymous admin feature is there to help the admins protect themselves from attacks by members of the group who may try to send spam messages to them or direct offensive words towards them. Another benefit is that the messages from the admins come with the name of the group, thereby giving some air of authority to the messages when the members see them.

How To Turn The Anonymous Admin Feature ON And OFF

If you are looking to make use of the admin feature, there is a way to turn it either on or off. We will be looking at that shortly below. A super admin (the owner of the group) can manage the anonymous admin settings for himself as well as the other admins on the group while the admins in the group can only make that changes for themselves.

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Below are the steps through which you can turn the anonymous admin feature on and off. Before going ahead, you should be sure that you are an admin in the group because the feature is only available to admins in a group. 

  1. Open the Telegram app and then go to the group where you are looking to activate or deactivate the anonymous admin feature
  2. Tap on the name of the group and them go to group description
  3. Now, tap on ‘edit’ and then choose ‘administrators’
  4. Tap on the admin you are looking to activate the feature for. So you will tap on your name 
  5. Locate the ‘remain anonymous’ option and then toggle it to ‘anonymous’
  6. Disable this to remove the feature and chat in the group as yourself without being anonymous
  7. After you are done making your changes, tap on the tick icon located at the top right corner of the screen to have your changes saved. The changes will then be applied instantly by Telegram

So if you activate the feature for yourself, you will be hidden instantly by Telegram so that your messages in the group will appear with the name of the group. And if you deactivate the feature, the anonymity will be removed and your messages in the group will appear with your name on them. 


So as you can see, that is how it is to activate the anonymous admin feature on Telegram. This feature hides you from the group as an admin while allowing you to post messages into the group. If you are an admin in a group, you now know one feature that can be sued to your advantage.

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