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How To Create A Telegram Group (Step-By-Step Guide)

Telegram has become one of the best apps for making new friends and meeting new people, and this article will take you through how to create a Telegram group and build an awesome platform on this app.

In addition, we will also cover the Telegram features and what makes it easy to manage Telegram groups.

Telegram has been making sure their app becomes the most secure app when it comes to messaging someone.

You might be using and will want also to check out Telegram.

But before moving, you might want to know some features in Telegram and why you should move to Telegram.

Before diving into creating a telegram group and building a family there, let’s first talk about some of the features that make the app stand out.

One thing that makes Telegram one of the best apps is how the platform allows you to use multiple pictures as your profile picture. We all know WhatsApp to be one of the best messaging apps aside from Telegram, and WhatsApp only allows you to use one profile picture. Telegram, on the other hand, allows you to use multiple profile pictures.

With these multiple profile Pictures features, users can watch all of them through your profile pictures.

Another feature is the ability to utilize telegram bots. With Telegram bots, you don’t always have to remove people who will abuse the group. 

The platform allows you to create and add bots to the group to help you make the group. Since this article will teach you how to start your group, it is best if you read how to use telegram bots effectively, making sure you have one of the cleanest and awesome groups.

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Do you know Telegram allows you to enable auto night mode? Yes, you heard me right, Telegram has many features, and the auto night mode feature is one of my favourites.

We all love using night mode. Aside from its health benefits, this feature allows us to better look at our Telegram chat screens. 

Other known apps like WhatsApp allows you to either turn on or off the night mode feature. 

But on Telegram, you get to choose when the night mode should work and when the night mode should go off. This also allows you to know the time as you know when the night mode gets activated.

One feature that makes to love Telegram more is the ability to try secret chats. Telegram stores your chats on the cloud, making it easy for you to access your chats anywhere. 

But maybe you might want to have a chat with someone that will not get synced and will only stay on your phone. When secret chats come in, with the secret chat feature, you can have a private conversation without it getting synced.

Now that I have taken you through what makes Telegram stand out, now let’s dive into creating that awesome Telegram group.

Telegram is the apps that make the group an easy thing to manage when it comes to groups. The platform has so many features that make it easy for you to manage a Telegram group without hiring more admins.

Now, lets first cover features in Telegram groups that makes Telegram group the best platform to use 

Features In Telegram Groups 

The Ability To Use Bots 

Recently we published an article covering how to use Telegram bots. With Telegram, you can create a group and add bots to make your work easier. You can then set the bots to do simple tasks for you, like warning users when they spam the groups or mention a certain keyword. You can even add bots to give you live updates on your favourite sports or anything.

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Pin An Announcement 

This feature is yet to be available on WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp has a similar feature, the whatsApp version is called group description. 

With Telegram, you can pin a notification and anybody that will open the group will see the notification.

You can even pin more than one notification, and the group members can go through all of them.

Create Audio Chats 

Do you know Telegram allows you to create an audio section inside your Telegram group?

With audio chats, you can join the group and listen to tracks together or listen to an announcement or anything related to audio.

Mute Contacts

Do you see how hard it is to stop someone from making noise in a WhatsApp group?

Telegram is not all that hard, and Telegram has a feature that allows you to mute contact for a set time. During those periods, this user spamming the group will not be able to chat inside the group but can follow and read through what the members are writing.

Now let’s talk about how to own a Telegram group by creating your own easily.

How To Create A Telegram Group

  1. Launch your Telegram app
  2. Click on the three vertical lines on the top left
  3. Select New Group
  4. Now select the members you want to create the group with and click on the right arrow on the bottom right
  5. Enter the Name of the Group and Select a Profile Picture for the group
  6. Now click on the correct icon on the bottom right to create your awesome group
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Wrapping Up

Telegram is gradually becoming many peoples favourite app, and you need to join if you haven’t. 

In this article, we went through how to create a telegram group and start connecting. We also made sure this article covers telegram features and things you can do In Telegram Groups that your favourite app has yet to implement.

If you want more Telegram tutorials, we have an article covering how to know if someone has saved your number.

If you also find yourself in a Telegram group that you are not interested in, you can read this article covering how to leave the Telegram group the right way or report someone on Telegram using these steps.

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