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How To Hide Likes On X (Formerly Twitter) 4 Easy Ways

If you would like to hide all your likes on X (Formerly Twitter), continue reading this article, as this article will cover all the ways to hide all your likes on the app.

Twitter is a social media app known for getting authentic news, stories, videos, and everything happening worldwide; you can also read this article taking you through how to see the date you joined Twitter.

As they always ask you, ‘What’s happening around you?‘ this is to let you know Twitter is an app that is known to let people know current happenings

Twitter is also one powerful social media tool that deals with algorithms. The algorithm keeps you stay updated. It syncs some texts together to let you know related stories. Are you getting it?

Okay, let me explain. On Twitter, someone you are following or can write WhatsApp not responding, and then another person too will later tweet about how to access WhatsApp even when it is not responding.


Twitter can line up all those related tweets on your timeline, keeping you updated. I hope you get it now.

This and other features make Twitter one of the best, and oh, before I forget, we all also know Twitter notifies your followers when you like or retweet a post.

That is one of the cool features on Twitter that makes it easy to get everything happening worldwide.

There is a way to hide your name on Twitter. You can click here to learn how to have an invisible name on Twitter, want to also know how to create a thread the right way? read it here.

Although this new feature broadens your presence on the app and can sometimes lead to more followers, Twitter also uses these likes and tweets to generate similar tweets to you.

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So If you have been liking and retweeting joke tweets, you will see a lot of joke tweets because they use your interests to generate more ideas for you.

But if you are not cool with that and want to hide your likes, then this is the best article to teach you everything you need to know.

In this article, we will cover three easy ways to make sure nobody sees your likes on Twitter, these are simple ways, and it does not involve any hacking.

How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using The ‘Protect Your Tweets’ Feature

  1. Log in to your Twitter account, and on the left panel, go to More > Settings And Privacy
  2. Click on Privacy And Safety
  3. Open Audience And Tagging 
  4. Now Tick Protect You Tweets

Images Taking You Through How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using The ‘Protect Your Tweets’ Feature

settings and privacy on twitter
privacy and safety on twitter
audience and tagging
activate protect your tweets

This feature makes sure your likes and retweets are not seen by anybody on the app.

Here are some things to take note of when you decide to protect your tweets

  • When someone wants to follow your Twitter account, they can’t follow and be part of your followers, instead, they will hit Follow, and it will come as a request. You then decide whether that person follows you or not.
  • When you protect your account and someone searches for your name or contents in your tweets, search engines or Twitter will not show them because they become invisible to the search engines.
  • Only the ones following you can be able to see your tweets.
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Hide Tweets On Twitter By Manually Unliking All Your Likes 

If you are not okay with the privacy terms, there are ways to hide your likes on Twitter manually, this is also a simple step, but it involves you manually doing it, without wasting much time. Let’s dive in.

  1. Visit your Twitter Profile 
  2. Click on Likes 
  3. Here you will see all your liked Tweets, find that particular tweet you want to unlike, and then unlike it. If you also want to unlike all of the likes, then manually go through and do them one by one.

But that is considerable work, especially if you are a Twitter addict like me who will like almost any exciting tweet I see, if you are like me, then it will not be easy to unlike all the tweets, but there is a way around it.

And that way is using Google Chrome too, unlike all your Likes on Twitter. Let’s dive into those steps.

Please note that although this step is far better than manually doing it, it can only allow you to, unlike 3,200 tweets.

I know that is too much for you but thought you should know about it since this article covers everything you need to know when it comes to unliking all Twitter likes

How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using Google Chrome Browser 

  1. Log in to your Twitter profile on Google Chrome
  2. Visit The Likes Page 
  3. Click on the F12 key on your keyboard to access the Chrome Console Tab
  4. Copy this code and paste it into the console field $(‘.ProfileTweet-actionButtonUndo.ProfileTweet-action–unfavorite’).click();
  5. Now hit run to let the script run. After it’s done, it will unlike all your likes tweets for you. Simple right?
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Images Taking You Through How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using Google Chrome Browser

twitter profile
google chrome console

How To Hide Likes On Twitter By Using Third-Party App

Although using third-party apps makes the work easy to do, you should be careful about the type of app you choose.

When you decide to do these kinds of work, these apps need access to your account, and because of this, you have to make sure you trust the app you are using.

Using third-party apps does not mean all the apps are not legit. Some of them are legit, and this tutorial will cover one of the best third-party apps to dislike all your liked tweets.

Circleboom is the app we are going to use for this tutorial. It is a freemium app, meaning it allows users to use the section for free. The free version will enable users to use 20 Tweets at a time, and also, if you want to use the app to the fullest, you can pay for it.

How is how to use Circleboom to dislike all your likes and tweets

  1. On your Circleboom dashboard, log in to your Twitter account with your Twitter credentials to see Twitter analytics and activities.
  2. Head over to my Tweets. You will then be able to all the tweets you have made and choose, Unlike Tweets.
  3. You can select the tweets you want to unlike, but if you are like me and want to hide everything, click on, Unlike All.

Do you know it is possible to see your followers with the most followers on Twitter? Click on that article to understand how to do that. Also, if you have mistakenly deleted a critical message on Twitter before, here is a way to do that.


Now hiding all your likes on Twitter shouldn’t be hard work. In this article, we went through many ways to hide all your likes on Twitter. We covered going private, masking unliking all your likes using Google Chrome, and also using third-party apps.

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