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How To Create A Thread On X (Formerly Twitter) The Right Way

What if I tell you you might have been creating a thread on X (Formerly Twitter) the wrong way?

People tend to create a thread that makes it hard for their followers to follow along, and in this article, I will take you through how to create a line the right way.

You might have seen many Twitter articles on this website, and this is because we want to make sure this website has everything you need to know about Twitter.

Be it how to have an invisible name on that app, how to know when someone created a Twitter account.

We also have an article covering how to recover deleted messages on Twitter and even see your follower with the most followers. And now we are going to make sure you create a thread the right way.

I often see people making a tweet and then replying to each tweet and then taking it as creating a thread, but that is wrong!

This is why you need to read this entire article to know how to do it right.

We all make tweets on Twitter; we use Twitter to tell what is happening around us, and share motivational quotes, pictures, and videos.

But Twitter now allows users to type everything under one tweet. Each tweet has a character limit.

What is Twitter Tweet And Thread Limit?

On Twitter, the thread limit is 280 characters. Limiting the characters makes sure your followers can read your story well and follow up without getting confused. It also makes it easy for your readers to retweet a section of your tweet.

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When one guy made a long tweet with a thread taking us through how to make money online, I decided to retweet the section he gave us the link because I wanted to visit that site later.

Why Should You Use Twitter Thread?

  • To Explain Your Tweets

In a thread, I mainly used to explain a tweet. You are talking about five easy ways to withdraw MTN mobile money without an ID card. You can use thread to cover all the five easy ways.

  • To Make It Easy For People To Share Some Parts Of Your Article

As explained, the thread also makes it easy for people to know which side to retweet. Since each line comes with an option to like and retweet, you followers and readers will be able to do any of them to each of your thread. You might also want to read how to retweet a link on Twitter the right way.

Creating a thread on Twitter using your computer is different from creating using your phone or the mobile app

We are going to cover how to do both of them.

How To Create A Thread On Twitter The Right Way On Computer 

  1. Open Twitter on your computer browser
  2. If you are on a computer, you will see What’s Happening? On your homepage, Now make your tweet.
  3. To create a thread, click on the Plus + icon that is next to the Tweet
  4. Add your following tweet, and if you want to add another line, you then click on the + icon again 
  5. To make your tweets go live, click on the Tweet All button.
how to create a thread on twitter using computer

How To Create A Thread On Twitter The Right Way On Your Android/IOS Phone 

  1. Log in to your Twitter app or website 
  2. On your homepage, click on the Plus + icon
  3. Select Tweet
  4. Now type in What’s Happening 
  5. To add a thread, click on the Plus + icon at the bottom right 
  6. Repeat the steps to add as many lines as you want
  7. To make your tweets go live, click on the Tweet All on the top right.
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Can You Reply To A Tweet With A Thread?

Yes, it is easy to reply to a tweet with a thread. All you have to do is open that tweet, click on the message icon, and respond to that thread.

Why Can’t I Post A Thread On Twitter?

Most people complain about not being able to make a thread on Twitter. Creating a thread is a feature that Twitter has recently added.

If you find it challenging to make a thread on Twitter, you might want to check the version of the Twitter app you are using.

Also, if you are using a browser, you might want to upgrade your browser to the latest version of sign-in on another updated browser.


Now it is easy to create a thread on Twitter, many people used to create a tweet and reply to themselves, thinking that is the right way to do it, but it was not.

Doing it that way makes it hard for your followers to catch up on what you are trying to tell them, read how to hide likes on Twitter here.

And in this article, went through how to create a thread on Twitter the right way. Since the steps are different on various platforms, we covered how to create a line using a browser and create a Twitter thread using Twitter’s mobile app.

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