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iPhone Vs. Android: Which One Should You Choose?

This article will end the debate between iPhone and Android regarding the best one to buy and use.
This article will also compare all the features on both phones and tell you the phone that tops for each component.

Android smartphones and Samsung smartphones have been the subject of lengthy debates for years. iPhone users believe that the iPhone is better than any other smartphone on the market.
In Ghana, users of iPhones normally behave like rich people, especially young people who have been able to get their hands on an iPhone.

And then there are the Android users, mostly Samsung users, who believe that Android smartphones are much better than iPhones.

We don’t know if we can settle such a debate once and for all, but we know we can show some pointers between the two and see which prevails on top.

In this article, we will look at both phones and try to determine the best to use. If you are a follower of the Android and iPhone debate, then read on.
In this article, we are going to take a look at the two phones which are Android and iPhone.


android phone home screen and notification screen

Most people usually say that the IOS is easy to use, and that is undoubtedly true. However, the Android interface is also relatively easy to use.

Once you are well-versed with using one, there is certainly no way you will have a problem using the other interface.

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The iPhone was the more accessible phone to use about ten years ago when the Nokia Symbian phones were the ‘ish.’ However, that is now a long time.
Right now, the differences between the two operating systems are not that much anymore. However, if we were to take the home screen’s appearance seriously, the scale here would tip in favor of Android.

With Android, you will have more control over the customization of your home screen. With the iPhone, the only thing you can do is add your photo to the home screen. You don’t have any power over it.

In this section, we will say that Android wins.

Finish, Fit, Pricing


iPhones look good. That is for sure. And for Android phones, the beauty depends on the manufacturer you buy from, so it varies.
Some of the most beautiful Android phones are the Samsung galaxy note 5 and its newer generations.

Although some other Android phones can be ugly, when it comes to pricing, iPhones usually are more expensive than their Android counterparts except those from Samsung.

Like I said before, the debate is mainly between iPhone and Samsung, even when you hear Android. For Android, even the cheapest ones will cost you about GHS 600.

Although you will not get top-notch features in such a phone, you will be able to do the basics like calling, messaging, and browsing, at a probably lower speed than you would have preferred. An iPhone will cost around GHS 1,600 upwards.

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AI, Voice Assistants

When it comes to voice assistants, Google Assistant vs. Siri, the Google Assistant certainly takes the crown here.
Google Assistant can make it easy for you with various applications such as Calendar and Google Maps.

The assistant can even cause you to leave early for an appointment that you have scheduled. These are things that Siri cannot do, although it was the first voice assistant to hit the market.

However, this should not be why you choose Android over iPhone because Google Assistant is also available for iPhone.


Android is known to have more security problems than the iPhone has ever had. When it comes to applications allowed into the app store, Apple is strict compared to Google.
Although it is advisable to get all your apps from the Google Play Store, it is not 100% safe as some still contain malware.

However, iPhone users should not think they are free. There is iPhone malware that can attack you if you download a dodgy program. Aside from that, iPhones are far more secure than Android phones.


A lot of people complain of having problems with iCloud. However, Android is well integrated with its apps to help use the cloud services much better.
You can get all your favorite news and other stuff quickly on your home screen.

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When it comes to cameras, the competition is between iPhone and Samsung. The Galaxy S8 seems to be behind the iPhone 7 Plus when it comes to the cameras.
Although both Android and iPhone cameras are perfect, it seems that the iPhone edges it.


When it comes to connectivity, Android takes this hands down. You can connect almost any Android mobile to peripherals because they have standard USB ports. However, iPhones cannot be connected that easily to peripherals.

So, all in all, it seems that each of these has an area in which they beat the other.
We advise our readers to try out the subject of our articles for themselves to make better decisions. We hope you enjoyed this debate.

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