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IOS vs Android: Differences, And Similarities Between The Most Popular Mobile Operating Systems

Since time immemorial, there has been a debate going on between Android and IOS mobile operating systems. In Ghana, this debate has reached a head, and the discussion seems to be about Samsung smartphones and Apple smartphones.

You are not wealthy if you are not holding a Samsung or Apple, and you mainly were looked down upon by Apple users if you are having anything other than Apple.

To most of these Apple users, the mobile price makes them think that it is better than any other mobile in the world. We will get to the debate between Samsung and Apple later. For now, let us focus on the Android vs. IOS battle.

Android and IOS are both mobile operating systems that are used on mobile devices. In this article, we will be looking at their similarities as well as their differences.

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This is an operating system that was developed by Apple Inc to be used in mobile devices. The IOS is used strictly in devices that are made by Apple alone. In other words, Apple does not allow any other person to use the IOS operating system except their own.

The IOS is used as the operating system in all Apple mobile products such as the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. The IOS has an architecture that is layered and contains intermediate layers between applications and hardware so that they don’t communicate with each other directly.

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Lowers layers are responsible for the essential services, while the upper layers are responsible for the user interface.


The Android operating system was created by Google to be used in mobile devices, and it is based on the Linux kernel. It was mainly designed for touchscreen devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Unlike IOS, You can find Android on several mobile devices from different manufacturers. This means that the Android operating is not restricted to one mobile manufacturer like the IOS is.

IOS vs Android Similarities

Now let us take a look at the similarities between the two operating systems.
The primary functions of the two operating systems are similar. They both have tasks like calling, web browsing, maps, video chat, voice commands, and messaging.

  • Both Android and IOS support tapping, pinch, and zoom. The latest edition of IOS also now has swiping, which is a function that has been on Android for some time now.
  • The operating systems have a status bar that keeps important things like time, app notifications, battery life, wifi, and others.
  • Both IOS and Android also support the 4G cellular network since that is needed before using a smartphone to browse the internet.
  • One of the things that are taken very seriously by both Android and IOS is that of privacy. Users can either permit or refuse an app with specific permissions. This helps to prevent the leakage of personal data from the smartphone.

IOS vs Android Differences

Now let us take a look at the differences between Android and IOS

  • Android is a more open operating system. Whiles IOS is a closed one. In IOS, users do not get any app permissions and cannot customize their devices. However, all these can be done on Android.
  • Android is available for other mobile manufacturers such as Samsung, Infinix, LG, etc. This could cause some problems with the quality of the operating system in much cheaper mobile phones.
  • The IOS is controlled by Apple and used in only Apple products. Due to this, there is barely any quality problem with the operating system.
  • Applications used in IOS are downloaded from the Apple app store, while those used in Android are downloaded from the Google play store.
  • The Apple IOS can be better integrated with other devices as compared to Google Android.
    In terms of voice assistants, the one used in IOS, known as Siri, is less powerful than the one found in Android.
  • Android performance may decline with time, while that of IOS is primarily consistent over time.
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Shown above are some of the differences and similarities between Android and IOS. However, we encourage our users to try out each operating system if possible and draw their conclusions.

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