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A Look At Some Samsung Galaxy Note Series And Their Prices In Ghana

Samsung is regarded as one of the best smartphone manufacturers in the world. In Ghana, most people do not respect your smartphone if it is not made by either Apple or Samsung.

Samsung has produced several series of phones which have a long line of models each. In this article, we will be looking at the Galaxy Note series from the first Note model to the last.

Galaxy Note

The Galaxy Note was the first model spawned in 2011 in the long Note line. Samsung was able to ship a whopping 10 million units when it was released.

It came with an Android 2.3 which could be updated to 4.1 and the Qualcomm Snapdragon S3 processor for North America while other nations were given the Exynos 4210 processor.

It had a 5.3” HD display, which was one of the largest at the time, along with its stylus.

Galaxy Note 2

Unveiled in 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 was able to sell over 3 million units within the first 3 months of its release.

It had a curvier and more ergonomic design and was slimmed down in some places to avoid making it look big.

It also came with the stylus pen found in the original Galaxy Note. This was also the first phone with a split-screen feature that allowed you to use two apps at the same time with one app on top and the second show at the bottom.

You could also view content by simply hovering the s pen over where the content was.

Price Of Galaxy Note 2 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 2 is GHS 3,200 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

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Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 came with a larger 5.7” Full HD display and 4K video capture. It had Gorilla Glass 3 and a high-quality DAC with a host of other sensors.

This proved to be a hit as Samsung could sell 10 million units in the first 2 months. The S-pen also came with a new feature which was known as the S menu which showed the shortcut for most applications. It was the first phone with a RAM of 3GB.

Price Of Galaxy Note 3 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 3 is GHS 3,700 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note 4

The Galaxy Note 4 was unveiled in 2014 with a large screen size, a handy S-pen, and performance that made it rank among the best smartphones.

It also had a Gorilla Glass 4 and introduced the fingerprint scanner in the home button. Its camera was one of the best with 16MP.

It also introduced the heart rate monitor at the back of the phone along with an oximeter.

Price Of Galaxy Note 4 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 4 is GHS 4,200 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note Edge

The Galaxy note edge came about as a result of an experiment that Samsung tried. Apart from it having similar specs to the Note 4, the galaxy note edge had a usable side edge display which had a sidebar that could display several panels and contained shortcuts to apps on the phone.

It could also display a clock on the edge panel even when the display was off.

Price Of Galaxy Note Edge In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note Edge is GHS 3,200 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note 5

The galaxy note 5 was released in 2015 with great improvements over the previous models.

It had a much faster processor compared to the previous models and had an all-glass body with an emphasis on ergonomics.

It was the first note model which did not have a removable battery and eliminated the memory card slot, which was a bad idea.

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The spring-load S-pen assembly could also break if it was inserted the wrong way (mine suffered this flaw). Despite all these, note 5 still managed to break the series’ sales record.

Galaxy Note 7

The number 6 was skipped in favor of reaching the number 7 early as Samsung launched the note 7.

It was the first mobile with a USB-c connecter. The memory card slot also returned with note 7.

The S-pen on Note 7 came with some amazing features such as translation, screen magnifier, and could record GIFs as well.

The note 7 could also be used for making payments with the iris scanner which came with the Samsung pass.

The pre-order demand in South Korea was higher than expected. There were however reports of the phone sometimes overheating and then catching fire and exploding.

Due to this, its production was discontinued barely 2 months later. There was however a refurbished model that came out later and was called the Note 7 fan edition.

These had smaller batteries and a host of safety features.

Price Of Galaxy Note 7 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 7 is GHS 9,000 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

The Note 8 was the first Note model to have two cameras, a 12MP telephoto lens, and a 12MP main camera.

It also had a smaller battery to avoid the overheating issues that plagued the Note 7. The Note 8 was the first model that could be used as a computer when it was plugged into a monitor and keyboard through a feature known as Dex.

It also had a dedicated key for Bixby virtual assistant. A screen-off memo allowed users to write notes on the locked screen.

You could also adjust the intensity of the background blur in the camera app before taking a photo. It sold 270.00 units in the first weekend.

Price Of Galaxy Note 8 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note8 is GHS 3,800 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

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Galaxy Note 9

This was the first note model to come with 8GB of Ram and 512 GB of storage space. Users could also use the Dex with the use of a dock.

There was better heat dissipation. The S-pen now had Bluetooth capabilities and a built-in battery that could be charged via a slot that was found at the bottom of the phone.

Note 9 however managed only 9.6 million sales for Samsung. It was the last note model to have a head jack.

Price Of Galaxy Note 9 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 9 is GHS 3,300 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note 10

The Note 10 came with two different models which enabled Samsung to target different markets.

The largest model had a 6.8” AMOLED display with dynamic tone mapping, enabling better color.

It also had a larger 4300mAh battery. The smallest model had a 6.3” Full HD display with trimmed-down dimensions and a smaller 3500mAh.

The S-pen was now upgraded to be able to control the phone remotely. Both phones had a 16MP ultra-wide and dual-aperture primary with telephoto lenses.

The phones also were the first to feature the Infinity O display and cut out a camera. There was also a version, the Note 10 lite, which cut down on processors and specs.

Price Of Galaxy Note 10 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 10 is GHS 3,500 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

Galaxy Note 20

With its design a bit similar to the Note 10, the Note 20 came with three models to choose from.

Note 20 came with an Android 10 and can be updated to Android 13. The Note 20 ultra has a 108MP camera that can that acts as a sensor and can give you up to 50x hybrid zoom when combined with the periscope lens. Both models can record 8k videos.

So these are all the Samsung Note model lineups and a brief history of each model. We hope you were fascinated with the article.  

Price Of Galaxy Note 20 In Ghana

The price of Galaxy Note 20 is GHS 3,980 across all Samsung retail stores in Ghana.

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