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How To Retweet a link on Twitter The Right Way

Want to find out how to retweet a link on Twitter the right way? Then you are at the right place.

As we all know, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms on this planet.

The platform is known as the source for legit news, funny videos, and many more.

Many people see Twitter be one of the most complicated apps to use.

If you ask ten people about their first experience when they first installed the app, over 4 of the ten people will tell you they uninstalled it right after using it for the first time.

I was one of them, I remember installing Twitter for the first time back in 2012, and I was even finding it difficult to navigate.

I then uninstalled the app because it was not easy for me to use. A year later, I came back and then learned how to use the app and how to navigate on the app.

You might be one of them. Or maybe not. But at, we have decided to educate people on how to use the Twitter app to the fullest. We started with how to have an invisible name on Twitter, and in today’s article, we will take a look at how to retweet a link on Twitter.

Before getting to know what a retweet means, we must first understand what a tweet means.

In general, a tweet means the chirp of a small young bird. 

But on Twitter, a tweet or tweeting means making a post, either a text post, video, or audio post.

On Twitter, making a post is called tweeting.

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As we all know, the Twitter app has a young bird logo on it, meaning everybody using Twitter is a bird, so in general, making a post on Twitter is called tweeting, which means you the bird is about to make noise.

So, What Is A Retweet, And How Does It Work On Twitter?

A retweet means re-sharing your tweet or a tweet made by someone.

When you retweet posts, it is seen by all your followers. 

Types Of Retweets On Twitter

types of twitter retweet
  • Normal Retweet – With this option, you will be able to retweet a post without adding your text or opinion to it 
  • Retweet with a quote: This option allows you to Retweet a post with your post added to it.
  • Retweeting with a quote is mainly used to reply to tweets, but your reply will be above the tweet you replied to with this option.

How To Retweet a link on Twitter The Right Way

  1. Open the Twitter app and then open the tweet you want to retweet. You will see four icons: the comment icon, the retweet icon, the Like icon, and the share icon.
  2. Click on the second icon, which is the retweet icon 
  3. Now select if you want to Retweet the post or Retweet with a quote.
  4. If you want to retweet with a quote, select the second one and add your comment.
  5. When done, select Retweet on the top right to make your Retweet go live.
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And that’s all the steps needed to Retweet a post. Once again, bear in mind that on Twitter, when you make a retweet, all your followers will see it.

And that is one feature about Twitter that I like compared to Facebook, which only allows only a tiny part of your friends to see your posts when shared and your comments under people’s posts.


Now you don’t have to guess which one to choose when you want to retweet a post. In this article, we went through how to retweet posts the right way, and we also went through types of retweets and how they work.

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