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How To Recover Deleted Messages From Twitter

You ever searched for how to recover deleted messages on Twitter before?

Then let me tell you that this is the article you have been looking for because this article is a detailed guide taking you through how to recover deleted Twitter messages, both text, images, and videos, the right way.

We all have been at a point where we mistakenly deleted essential messages and then decided to find ways to recover them.

We all know Twitter is one of the best social media apps, which is the source of authentic news, funny videos, and a whole lot more.

People tend to believe news from Twitter than any other source, a; so Twitter is where high profile individuals pass their message.

People will decide to check their president’s Twitter handle page to see if they have tweeted any issue happening in the country, even before believing what the media is saying. You can also read this article covering how to see your follower with the most followers.

Twitter is also the best place to have a conversation. Aside from getting entertained, you also get to send and receive messages.

But what will you do if you mistakenly delete your Twitter messages?

That is why you are here; this article gives you hope and possible methods to recover your deleted message.

Twitter has three easy ways to recover your deleted messages, and they are:

The Archived Feature 

Twitter is a mighty social media app, and there is no doubt that place has become the source of authentic information.

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Luckily for us, whenever you mistakenly delete your Twitter messages, Twitter keeps a copy of them, and you can still get it back in an archived form.

How To Recover Deleted Messages From Twitter Using The Archived Feature 

  1. Log in to your Twitter account 
  2. On your left panel, locate More and click on It. It will expand the options. 
  3. Click on Settings And Privacy
  4. Since we want to get back our deleted Twitter messages, click on Download Archive Of Your Data. Doing this will allow you to get the Twitter messages you mistakenly deleted 
  5. To receive your deleted chats, Twitter will send a verification code to your email or phone number to confirm it is you requesting for that archived chats. Twitter will ask you to type in your account password, do that. After that, Twitter will decide to verify you again. 
  6. Verify your password again
  7. Now click on Request Archive.
  8. Twitter will let you know when your archived data is ready. You should receive it in your mail after 2-4 days, depending on the size of your archived data.
  9. On your mail, open the Twitter archived mail and click on the Download link.
  10. Now on your downloads folder, locate the file and extract it with any extracting tool like 7Zip or WinZip. You will then get a new folder called Twitter.
  11. Open that folder, and you will see your archived chats in a .html form, launch it to see all your messages.
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Images taking you through how to recover deleted messages from Twitter Using The Archived Feature

on twitter click on more
click on analytics on twitter
click on download archived data
verify with your password
verify it is you
request archived

Turning On Sync

In other to avoid losing your deleted messages, you can also turn on Syncing. Depending on a sync will help your messages sync to your preferred storage, and anytime you mistakenly delete a message, you can restore it.

Take A Backup

Well, this might sound like a lot of work to you, but if you are fond of intentionally deleting messages, then this method will be your favorite.

You can save a screenshot of the chats or copy and paste the texts in the conversation to have a copy of it.


Now you don’t have to panic when you mistakenly delete Twitter messages. There is a way to recover deleted Twitter messages, and in this article, we went through that.

Even though this article covers how to recover deleted Twitter messages and other ways to make sure you don’t lose your Twitter messages again.

You might also want to check out this article covering how to retweet a link on Twitter the right way and also how to have an invisible name on Twitter. knowing this trick will make your account stand out in this social media app.

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