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Best Android Smartphone Browsers

In our previous article, we talked about the popularity of internet usage on smartphones and portable mobile devices. We also talked about how important it was to have a good mobile browser installed on your mobile device in order to get the best internet experience out of your smartphones and portable devices.

We also made mention of some of the best android mobile browsers that you could choose from depending on your browsing style. In this article, we will be introducing you to some more of the best android mobile browsers you should consider using. This new list is a continuation of our previous article.

So here we go.


If you prefer an environmentally friendly android browser, then look no further than the Ecosia browser. It comes with all the normal features you will find in some privacy-themed browsers such as private browsing mode, bookmarks, multiple tabs, and the usual downloads.

Its usage feels a bit like Google Chrome because it uses the Chromium-based open-source project. One thing that makes this browser very unique from all other browsers out there is the fact that about 80% of the money it makes is donated towards the planting of more trees.

Yes, we know that this is certainly not a feature of the browser, but it is certainly a great thing to do. Ecosia is a great browser for those of you out there who are not always on the net surfing but still want a browser that delivers when it is called upon. Its tree donations are just an environmental bonus feature.

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Google Chrome is one of the most popular android smartphone browsers out there to the extent that some smartphones and mobile devices come with the browser already installed on them.

It has some of the best android features compared to other browsers on this list. Most people prefer to keep using this browser and sometimes do not even bother to download an additional one.

The browser has the ability to sync with the desktop-based Google Chrome browser. It has good integration with the Android operating system and features unlimited browsing tabs and a good design.

Users will have to choose between a total of four Chrome browsers and these are the regular Chrome, Chrome Beta, Chrome Canary, and Chrome Dev. Users are however advised to choose at their own risk.         

Microsoft Edge

The Microsoft Edge browser is a very great browser that mainly competes with Chrome browser and Firefox browser in terms of functionality and usability. It affords the user the ability to sync passwords, bookmarks, and browsing history anytime you want to.

It also allows you to continue browsing on your desktop edge browser straight away from the mobile browser. This browser is also on the Chromium base project and can be accessed with a Microsoft account in case you do not have a Google account.   


Now before you start getting any weird ideas, this is not an actual naked browser in the real naked sense. It is a simple-looking browser but it sure means business. It has sacrificed a lot of features found on other browsers but makes up for that with its speed and simplicity.

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However, despite the simplicity, you still have access to the most important browser features like bookmarks, shortcuts, and your browsing history. Due to its stripped-down nature, websites on this browser load much faster than on other browsers. If you, however, want a browser with flashy designs and the sort, then we are sorry but this is not the browser for you. If you want speed and simplicity, then this is the browser for you.


Certainly not one of the best-known browsers out there but it is a decent browser with some good features. It comes with the usual features of bookmarks and browsing history.

It also comes with features like ad blocking features and themes. It also has a special feature in which the browser reads the website pages you visit. This will be of great help to people who may need to read a long page of text on a website but do not have the time.


This is one of the best-known browsers out there for people who value their privacy when they go online. The browser has a special feature whereby it connects to its proxy network which enables it to hide whatever you are doing online from your ISP as well anyone else that might want to snoop on you.

It does a good job in blocking people or sites that may want to track you aside from the fact that its web surfing speed is good. It also comes with a double layer of encryption.


A rebranded browser that allows you to open links from almost any app in Chrome tabs, whether the app supports Chrome or not. It also includes webheads, just like you will find on the Brave browser. This browser is ideal for people who normally multitask a lot as well as people who are always surfing the internet.

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This is one of the newly released android browsers you can get. It is also a Chromium-based browser just like some of the browsers on this list.

It loads web pages decently well and has great features such as ad-blocking, a night mode that also contrasts with AMOLED displays, a pop-up blocker, and protection against cryptocurrency theft.

The address bar of this browser can be found at the bottom side of the app, unlike the normal way in which the address bar is always found at the top of the app.

So these are some more great android browsers you could download for your smartphones depending on your browsing habits and needs.

All these browsing apps can be found on the Google Play store. Some of these browsers are not free while the majority of them are free to download.                        

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