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Popular WhatsApp Features And How They Work

WhatsApp, a widely used mobile messaging app, boasts billions of users worldwide. After acquiring the app for a staggering $19 billion, Facebook now owns it.

As the go-to messaging platform, WhatsApp offers an array of impressive features. From making voice and video calls to sharing media messages and documents, it allows users to stay connected in various ways.

Additionally, you can even track the location of your contacts on the map. In this article, I will guide you through the remarkable features of WhatsApp and explain how they work. So, let’s dive in.

Checkmarks In WhatsApp And What They Mean

whatsapp checkmarks or blue ticks

The checkmarks in WhatsApp let the sender know whether his or her message has been received. One checkmark means that the message has been sent, but the recipient is not online or connected to the internet.

Two checkmarks mean that the message has been delivered to the recipient’s phone.

When you see two blue checkmarks, it indicates that your message was delivered and that the recipient has read it.

A red exclamation sign means that your message has not been sent, probably because you don’t have an internet connection.

There is an exception for the checkmark.
You can have a double checkmark even though you see the recipient online for a long time after you sent the message.

This indicates that the recipient has turned off their read receipts when it occurs.

In this case, they will read your message, but there will not be a double blue checkmark. This is usually used by people who want to avoid replying to some messages.

Last Seen

whatsapp last seen

You can hide the last seen on your WhatsApp by going to the settings menu, then going to account, and then privacy.

You can then switch the Lasts seen between everyone, my contacts, or nobody.

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You might want to also check out this new WhatsApp feature which allows you to remove archived chats from the chat screen.

WhatsApp On Computer

whatsapp on computer

There are several ways through which you can use WhatsApp on a computer.
The most recommended one is to download the WhatsApp app for your computer.

After installing it, you then link it to your phone by scanning the QR code that it gives you on WhatsApp on your phone.

It will then connect it so that you can chat on your computer. However, WhatsApp on your phone must be open.

You can use WhatsApp on your phone by downloading the Bluestacks emulator app, allowing you to use the mobile app on your computer.

After downloading the Bluestacks app, you install the mobile WhatsApp app on the app and start chatting.

What makes WhatsApp so unique is its simplicity and the impressive list of features that it offers.

Apart from sending messages and making calls, users can also send documents on the app.

They can also look up the location of each other on the map that the app offers.

Users can also share pictures and videos with all their contacts by posting on their WhatsApp stories to view them 24 hours.

The WhatsApp app can also be linked to your Facebook account to directly send pictures and videos from your WhatsApp story to your Facebook story.

You can again back up your data to either the smartphone’s internal storage or you can back them up to your cloud storage.

Mute Chats

If you want to silence a group chat or individual chat, you can mute it. Open the chat, tap the contact or group name, and select “Custom Notifications.” From there, you can choose to mute the chat for a specified period.

Reply and Quote Messages

You can reply to a specific message within a chat by long-pressing the message and selecting the reply icon. This allows you to quote the message and provide context in your response.

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Search Messages

WhatsApp allows you to search for specific messages within a chat. In the chat, tap the three dots in the top-right corner and select “Search.” You can enter keywords to find specific messages.

Pin Chats

For easy access, you can pin the conversations that are most crucial to you at the top of your list. Swipe right on a chat and press the pin symbol to accomplish this. Chats that are pinned stay at the top of the list.

Starred Messages

Certain communications can be “starred” for convenient access at a later time. Press and hold a message, then tap the star icon to accomplish this. Your starred messages are located in the chat settings.

Status Updates

You can share text, images, videos, and GIFs as status updates on WhatsApp Status, and they will vanish after 24 hours. On the Status page, you may see your contacts’ most recent status updates.

WhatsApp Web

You may use WhatsApp on your PC by using WhatsApp Web. In order to utilize it, launch WhatsApp on your phone, click the three dots in the upper-right corner, choose “WhatsApp Web,” and then scan the QR code located on the website.

Dark Mode

WhatsApp offers a Dark Mode theme that changes the app’s background to dark colors, which can be easier on the eyes in low-light environments. You can activate Dark Mode in the app’s settings.

Group Chats

You can create group chats in WhatsApp to chat with multiple contacts simultaneously. To start a group chat, go to the Chats tab, tap the new chat icon, and select “New Group.” You can add participants, set a group name, and manage group settings.

Voice Messages

WhatsApp allows you to send voice messages. Hold down the microphone icon in a chat, record your message, and release the icon to send it. The recipient can play the voice message by tapping on it.

Status Updates

WhatsApp Status is comparable to other social media networks’ Stories. As 24-hour-only status updates, you can share text, images, videos, and GIFs. Select “My Status” from the Status tab to create a new status.

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WhatsApp Web

WhatsApp Web is a feature that lets you use WhatsApp on your computer’s web browser. To use it, open WhatsApp on your phone, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, select “WhatsApp Web,” and scan the QR code on the web page.

Document Sharing

You can send documents through WhatsApp. In a chat, tap the attachment icon and select “Document.” Choose a document from your device, and it will be sent to the recipient. WhatsApp supports a variety of document types.

Location Sharing

You may let contacts know where you are in real time with WhatsApp. Launch a conversation, tap the icon for the attachment, choose “Location,” and then select “Share Live Location.” The length of time that your location is transmitted can be customized.

Video and Image Sharing

You can send photos and videos to your contacts. In a chat, tap the attachment icon and select “Photo” or “Video.” Choose the media you want to send, add a caption if desired, and press the send button.

End-to-End Encryption

Because WhatsApp uses end-to-end encryption, messages are only read by you and the recipient. The content of your messages is private and not accessible to anybody else, not even WhatsApp.

End-To-End Encryption

end to end encryption

In today’s digital world, where malware allows cybercriminals to spy on people, WhatsApp uses an end-to-end encryption system that makes it hard for third-party people to view your messages.


a call on whatsapp messenger

WhatsApp allows its users to make both video calls and voice calls with anyone irrespective of the country as long as the person has WhatsApp installed.

However, WhatsApp Web has yet to get the video call feature. You can, however, do video calls on WhatsApp web through the messenger room.

Open your WhatsApp web and log into your account.
Click on the three-dotted icons and select ‘Create a Room.’
A message will appear asking you to continue on Messenger. Click on it
You will be allowed to create a room and then start your video calls.

Not to mention the ability to transmit and receive documents, movies, and images. If you want to take the greatest photos to send to your loved ones, be sure to read our post on the top Android camera applications. You can also use WhatsApp to know if someone has stored your number.

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