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Upcoming WhatsApp Features To Look Out For

WhatsApp is a very popular mobile app that is used in several countries all over the world. The app is the common personal messaging app in the world at the moment, with billions of users all over the world.

Since its inception some years ago, the app has grown to be one of the most sought-after messaging apps, beating almost all of its rivals to emerge number 1. The mobile personal messaging app was later sold to Facebook for $19 billion and since then, it has undergone many updates and changes.

Its owners were recently embroiled in a controversy over a new privacy policy that was rolled out for the WhatsApp Business platform, which is the business version of the personal messaging app that allows its users to communicate directly with businesses and transact deals.

The new privacy policy was found to be giving WhatsApp too much freedom in accessing its users’ info so Facebook would be able to show its users’ ads on its website.

The app gets an update from time to time that enhances its usage and also brings new features to its users. There are a setoff new features that will be coming to the popular soon and got some of them right here. Below are some of the newest features that will be coming to WhatsApp.


Almost every user of the messaging app has people of groups that he or she would want to mute for a long time so that they do not have to see their messages again without deleting such contacts.

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Due to this wish which Facebook may have heard about, the messaging app will be getting a new feature known as the ‘Always Mute’ feature. It will be available for Beta users of the app on both Android and IOS who will want to mute a chat for as long as they want.

This option will be replacing the ‘1 year’ mute option. This feature was spotted a few months ago on the android Beta update. Once this update is rolled out for all versions of the app, users will now be able to mute those annoying chats for eternity and just forget about it as if they had deleted it.

New Storage Usage

We always keep an eye on the amount of storage that has been used by WhatsApp on our smartphone devices. A new storage section has been designed for the app and this was spotted on Android Beta v2.20.201.9. the new update will improve the storage section while allowing users more visual cues to make the managing of the storage section much easier to handle.

Expiring Media

WhatsApp unveiled a feature in an update that allowed users to delete media that they had sent to people within a specific time frame, after which the media would be able to be deleted by the user anymore.

It also unveiled a feature that made messages expire after a certain period. There is however a new feature in the works known as the ‘Expiring media’. This new feature allows users to send media messages that will be deleted from the recipient’s device as soon as he or she leaves the chat page on the app.

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This will feature will not alert the recipient to the fact that the media message they received has been deleted from their devices after they left the chat. The media messages will just simply vanish from the chat.


This is yet another amazing feature that will be coming to WhatsApp very soon that the messaging app’s large number of users have been waiting for. This new feature will allow users multiple supports on the messaging app. Check out how to message someone on WhatsApp without saving the number.

The new feature was seen in development in android Beta version 2.20.143. This new feature will give users the ability to clone their WhatsApp account on different devices. For example, one Whatsapp account will be usable on a different device apart from the one on which it was initially installed. You can also make new friends on WhatsApp, if you don’t know, now you know. read this guide to know how to make new friends on WhatsApp.


A new wallpaper feature will also be making its way to WhatsApp without even knowing their numbers. This new feature was also spotted while being developed on android Beta version This new feature will allow users of the messaging app to choose a wallpaper that will be based on a theme that is used in the app.

Talking about WhatsApp features, you can read this guide covering how to remove the archived box from the top of your WhatsApp chat screen, also check out this article covering a new way to take a screenshot on snapchat without the other person getting a notification.

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The messaging app will question whether you would want to download the WhatsApp wallpaper app when you try to choose a default wallpaper.

So these are some of the great new features that will be coming to WhatsApp users very soon. All these features are in development to be rolled out for both Android and IOS devices.       

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