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WhatsApp Business Just Got A new Awesome Status Feature

Since emmarnitechs is dedicated to feeding you everything related to mobile apps, you will find many articles about WhatsApp too. Many articles cover how to use WhatsApp like a pro and bring you updates coming to the messaging app.

WhatsApp has stepped up its game when it comes to bringing new features to the messaging app.

After hinting at bringing an update that will let you pause when making a voice recording, WhatsApp has also made it easy to join groups calls even when you are late.

At first, when there is a group call, and you were not able to join, that will be the end, you will have to ask the host to add you back to the call, now things have changed, the new WhatsApp feature now allows you to join the group call even when you are late, all you have to do is visit the call tab. You will see the call ongoing there.

That was just one feature that WhatsApp has launched. Now let’s talk about the new feature that will make you love the messaging app more.

WhatsApp is bringing a new feature to the WhatsApp business app, and this feature is based on a new way to view status.

This new update offers users a new way to view status right from a user’s profile picture.

When you open a user’s contact and a new status update, you can view it right from their profile.

whatsapp business status update

When you click on the profile, WhatsApp will ask you if you want to view the Profile Photo or View The Status.

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This feature is currently being rolled out for WhatsApp business users. We believe WhatsApp is implementing this feature to help people see the status of their contacts more because WhatsApp business is often used to do business, as the name suggests.

Aside from creating a catalog for the products they sell, others to post their products on their WhatsApp status, and this new feature will help people discover what’s on people’s WhatsApp status fast.

Are you excited about this new feature? Do you use WhatsApp business? Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

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