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Now WhatsApp Is Going To Allow You To Pause When Doing Voice Recording

We all use WhatsApp voice recording. There may be so many instances that we will find it difficult to type, and then we turn to use the voice recording.

Sometimes our hands will be busy doing something, sometimes we will want to say a lot that our hands can’t type all In words, and when we find ourselves in these situations, we decide to record to the person we are chatting with.

But one thing about the WhatsApp voice recording feature is that, once you start recording, you have to finish talking and, after that, send.
Even when you make a mistake, you either delete the voice recording or record another one.

At first, it was not all that easy to even delete a voice recording, but WhatsApp brought a new feature that allows users to delete the voice recording if they find out they have made a mistake without sending it.

And now we all know we have to either continue recording when we make a mistake or delete the audio and start everything again, which is, users are now going to be able to pause voice recording.

What Makes This Voice Recording Feature Special?

This feature is going to help users have time to record. When they make a recording and find out something is about to interrupt, they pause and attend to it. After that, they continue recording.

This will also make you and the receiver get a clean recording without any background interruption because the sender made sure they recorded at their comfort.
If you are eager to try this new feature, you will have to wait a little bit as it is in development mode.

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We believe WhatsApp is soon going to make it available to all users because it has been a feature that plenty of users have complained about.

This is one thing that makes me love the messaging app. The developers listen to their user’s feedback and work on what they want.

Recently users were complaining about their backups to Google Drive not been fully encrypted. WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update that will allow users to encrypt their backups with a password or a 62 digits phrase.

Another feature that WhatsApp also worked on was the Archive feature. At first, when you archived a chat, the chat leaves the Archive when that contact messages you.

Many users complained about the chat they want to hide popping up again when that contact messages them. WhatsApp recently rolled out an update that makes sure an archived chat stays at the Archive box forever.

Although it won’t leave the Archive box when the user messages you, there will be a small notification behind the Archive box to let you know a user you have archived has sent you a message.

This new feature is remarkable, but it came with a downside: the archived box got placed at the top of the chat screen, but there is a way to go about it. We have an article converging how to remove the Archive box on top of the chat screen. Click here to learn how to do that.

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