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How To Check Your SIM Number For Glo And Airtel Networks In Ghana

Every SIM card globally is assigned a unique identifier, commonly known as its SIM card number. This distinctive number, typically comprising 10 digits in Ghana, serves as the foundation for initiating mobile phone calls.

The significance of this number lies in its ability to identify and connect with specific individuals, as each SIM card possesses a distinct numerical identity.

It is imperative to commit this number to memory, given its pivotal role in facilitating communication.

Regrettably, some individuals encounter challenges in memorizing or are unaware of their SIM card numbers, particularly following the recent acquisition of a SIM card.

In recognition of this common issue, we aim to elucidate the diverse methods available for retrieving the SIM card number in Ghana, encompassing the major telecommunications service providers in the country.

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Glo, a significant player in Ghana’s telecommunications landscape, boasts extensive coverage across the nation, supported by a substantial user base.

If you find yourself on the Glo network and wish to retrieve your SIM card number, the process is seamless and user-friendly:

  1. Dialing Shortcodes:
    • Initiate the process by dialing *777# on your device. Your SIM number will be promptly displayed on your screen, potentially prefixed with ‘234.’ To align with the Ghanaian format, effortlessly omit the ‘234’ and replace it with ‘0.’
    • Alternatively, dial 1358# to access your SIM number in a long format. A quick adjustment involves discarding the ‘234’ and substituting it with ‘0’ to obtain your number in the customary Ghanaian style.
  2. Customer Care Assistance:
    • Connect with Glo’s dedicated customer care centers by dialing either 0230010100 or 0230010200. Navigate through the prompts, and upon speaking with an agent, courteously request your SIM card number for swift assistance.
  3. Glo Mobile App:
    • Leverage the convenience of the Glo mobile app, assuming it’s installed on your device. Upon launching the app and accessing your account details, your SIM card number will be effortlessly visible for your reference.
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These straightforward steps ensure that Glo subscribers can effortlessly retrieve their SIM card numbers through various avenues, including dialing shortcodes, contacting customer care, or utilizing the Glo mobile app.


If you possess the original SIM card plate that accompanied your Airtel SIM upon purchase, your SIM number is conveniently inscribed on the plate, alongside the default PUK and PIN codes.

For a more immediate solution, consider visiting an Airtel store to obtain assistance in retrieving your SIM number.

Alternatively, contacting Airtel customer care is an efficient option. By either requesting a text message containing your SIM number or opting for a verbal communication of the number over the phone, you can easily access the information you need.

To expedite the process, you may also utilize the following shortcodes to view your AirtelTigo number:

  • *703#
  • 12193#
  • *1#
  • 1401600#

Whether you are a Glo or AirtelTigo subscriber, the aforementioned methods are invaluable for promptly retrieving your SIM number when the need arises.

In times of forgetfulness, refer to this article for a comprehensive guide and choose the method that best suits your preference. We trust that this information will prove exceptionally beneficial to you.

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