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All Broadband Packages Of Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana, one of the best telecommunication companies in Ghana, has a wide range of broadband bundles suited to every category of person in the country.

Two types of broadband packages are offered by Vodafone. There are also some options available that serve that can be chosen by subscribers as well.

Let us take a look at the various broadband packages that are offered by Vodafone.

Standard Package

The standard broadband package falls into a further 5 sub-packages under it. Each of the five packages has its prices and is tailored to meet the expectations of subscribers. Let us look at each of the five packages.

Browser Package

This package is made for customers who are always surfing the internet by making use of their emails and other social media platforms.

It has a price tag of GHS 90 and customers who purchase it will get 26GB of data. Customers will also get unlimited calls for the evenings and weekends on any landline.

Streamer Package

The streamer package is made for people who love to stream videos on various internet websites such as YouTube and any other apps that allow its users to stream videos.

With just as little as GHS140, customers are credited with 52GB worth of data to stream all the videos that they want. Customers will also get unlimited evening and weekend calls on any landline.

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Webmaster Package

This package is designed for people who are social workers, networkers as well communicators.

For those that tend to do more than just leisurely browsing on the internet, this package can be purchased for GHS 200 which will grant the customer 14GB worth of data.

This package also comes with the same bonuses as the earlier two packages mentioned above.

Downloader Package

The downloader package is specially made for people who are always downloading movies, music, and any other large-size files from the internet.

Customers are given 259GB worth of data which is purchased for GHS 285. The data given to the customer could be able to last him or her for over a month as they download all the movies and music videos that they would want to download.

Office Package

This is the standard package that is designed for business people who make great use of the Internet to run their various business activities.

If you are one of such people who use the internet in almost every aspect of running your company or work, then we are sure that you would gladly find no issue with purchasing 621GB worth of data for just GHS 450. 

One family Package

The one-family package is designed for the family members this package provides broadband data that is accessible to every family member no matter where they may be. The one-family package is also divided into further three sub-packages.

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The first one which is known as small is sold at GHS 120 and comes with 47GB worth of data.

The second one which is known as the medium is the priced at GHS 220 and comes with 207GB for the whole family to use.

The third one which is the most expensive costs GHS 350 and fetches an ample 466GB worth of data.

Unlimited Package

There are also some unlimited offers that subscribers can get their hands on.

Dial *900#-7-1 to get an unlimited weekend data plan that will cost you only GHS 20. The data given will be valid from 1 am on Saturday to midnight on Sunday.

You can also dial *900#-7-2 to get the monthly version of this package.

So that was all that there is to know about the various Vodafone Ghana broadband packages available in the country.

With these broadband data packages, you will be able to do all those browsing, streaming, and downloading that you have always wanted to do at fair rates.

You will be able to access all the internet-related things you wanted without worrying about your data bundle getting finished.

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