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All Broadband Packages Of Vodafone Ghana

Vodafone Ghana, recognized as one of the leading telecommunications companies in the country, provides a diverse selection of broadband bundles tailored to meet the needs of individuals across Ghana.

Vodafone offers two distinct types of broadband packages, ensuring a comprehensive range to accommodate varying preferences and usage requirements.

Additionally, subscribers can choose from a variety of options within these packages, allowing for a customized selection based on their specific needs and preferences.

This flexibility ensures that Vodafone Ghana caters to the unique demands of its subscribers, offering a wide array of broadband solutions to suit every category of person in the country.

As a reliable and customer-focused telecommunications provider, Vodafone Ghana continues to enhance connectivity options, reinforcing its position as a preferred choice for telecommunications services in Ghana.

Let us take a look at the various broadband packages that are offered by Vodafone.

Standard Package

The standard broadband package falls into a further 5 sub-packages under it. Each of the five packages has its prices and is tailored to meet the expectations of subscribers. Let us look at each of the five packages.

Browser Package

Introducing a tailored package designed for customers who are frequent internet users, actively engaging in emails and various social media platforms.

Priced at GHS 90, this package offers a substantial data allocation of 26GB to ensure uninterrupted online connectivity.

Moreover, customers subscribing to this package will enjoy the added benefit of unlimited calls during evenings and weekends to any landline.

This feature enhances the overall value of the package, providing not only ample data for internet activities but also facilitating convenient and unlimited communication during specific times.

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For those seeking a comprehensive solution for internet usage and communication needs, this package, priced at GHS 90, delivers a balanced combination of data and unlimited calling options, catering to the preferences and requirements of modern-day consumers.

Streamer Package

Introducing the Streamer Package, specially crafted for individuals who have a penchant for streaming videos on various online platforms like YouTube and other video streaming applications.

Priced affordably at just GHS 140, this package offers a generous data allocation of 52GB, ensuring ample capacity for uninterrupted video streaming.

Notably, subscribers to the Streamer Package will also benefit from unlimited evening and weekend calls to any landline, enhancing the overall value of the package.

This feature allows users to stay connected seamlessly during designated times, complementing the robust data offering for a comprehensive streaming experience.

For enthusiasts of online video content, the Streamer Package at GHS 140 strikes a balance between affordability and substantial data allowances, providing a tailored solution to meet the streaming needs of modern users.

Webmaster Package

Introducing a specialized package designed for individuals who actively engage in social work, networking activities, and frequent communication.

Priced at GHS 200, this package caters to those who use the internet for more than just leisurely browsing, offering a substantial 14GB data allocation.

Similar to the earlier packages, customers availing of this plan will enjoy the same bonuses, including unlimited evening and weekend calls to any landline.

This additional feature enhances the value of the package, providing comprehensive connectivity for individuals whose internet usage extends beyond casual browsing.

For social workers, networkers, and communicators, the GHS 200 package strikes a balance between affordability and substantial data allowances, ensuring a seamless online experience with the added benefit of unlimited calls during designated times.

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Downloader Package

Introducing the Downloader Package, meticulously crafted for individuals who frequently download large files such as movies, music, and other substantial content from the internet.

Priced at GHS 285, this package offers an expansive 259GB data allocation, providing ample capacity for extensive downloading activities.

Designed with the avid downloader in mind, this package ensures that customers have the necessary data resources to last them well over a month.

Whether it’s movies, music, or other sizable files, subscribers can confidently indulge in their downloading preferences without concerns about data limitations.

For those with a penchant for downloading substantial digital content, the Downloader Package at GHS 285 offers a comprehensive solution, combining a significant data allocation with affordability to cater to the specific needs of dedicated downloaders.

Office Package

Introducing the Business Standard Package, meticulously designed for entrepreneurs and business professionals who extensively utilize the internet for their diverse business activities.

This comprehensive package, priced at GHS 450, provides an impressive 621GB data allocation, catering to the multifaceted internet needs of business-oriented individuals.

For those who rely on the Internet in nearly every aspect of their company or work, the Business Standard Package offers an ideal solution.

With substantial data resources, users can seamlessly conduct various online business activities, from communication to data management, without concerns about data limitations.

This package, priced at GHS 450, is tailored to meet the high-demand internet requirements of business people, ensuring a reliable and efficient online experience to support their professional endeavors.

One family Package

Introducing the One-Family Package, thoughtfully crafted to cater to the connectivity needs of every family member, regardless of their location.

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This comprehensive package is further divided into three sub-packages, each offering varying data allowances to suit different family preferences.

  1. Small Package (GHS 120): Priced at GHS 120, the Small Package provides 47GB of data, ensuring ample connectivity for family members with moderate data usage.
  2. Medium Package (GHS 220): The Medium Package, priced at GHS 220, offers a substantial 207GB of data. This option is ideal for families with diverse internet needs, accommodating multiple users seamlessly.
  3. Large Package (GHS 350): The Large Package, the most comprehensive option, is priced at GHS 350 and provides an extensive 466GB of data. This package is suitable for larger families or those with higher data requirements.

Tailored to meet the connectivity demands of families, the One-Family Package ensures flexibility and choice, allowing each family to select the sub-package that aligns with their specific data needs and budget.

Unlimited Package

There are also some unlimited offers that subscribers can get their hands on.

Dial *900#-7-1 to get an unlimited weekend data plan that will cost you only GHS 20. The data given will be valid from 1 am on Saturday to midnight on Sunday.

You can also dial *900#-7-2 to get the monthly version of this package.

So that was all that there is to know about the various Vodafone Ghana broadband packages available in the country.

With these broadband data packages, you will be able to do all those browsing, streaming, and downloading that you have always wanted to do at fair rates.

You will be able to access all the internet-related things you wanted without worrying about your data bundle getting finished.

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