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Latest Vodafone Ghana Shortcodes

This article is going to cover all Vodafone shortcodes you need to know be it Vodafone red, Vodafone made for me, and many more.

If you are a new user of Vodafone Ghana, you may probably be in a situation in which you will need to use a shortcode of the telecom network.

However, since you are a new user, it would be hard for you to know any of the shortcodes that work on the Vodafone network.

Normally, the most important shortcodes are written on the starter pack but it could be possible that you have thrown the starter pack away without checking to see the shortcodes first.

And because of this, you have now found yourself reading this article. Well, do not worry at all because, in this article, I am going to list the Vodafone Ghana shortcodes for you so that you can use the one you were looking for.

Also make sure to bookmark this site if you cannot stick all the shortcodes in your head so that whenever you need one, you can just open the bookmark and look through it for the one that you are looking for.

So now here are the various shortcodes on the Vodafone Ghana telecom network.    

100Customer call center
*119*number# sendCall back
600To port
175Reservation of 050 number
1080Fixed prepaid lines Access cod
*150#For roaming enquiry
*151#Vodafone information service
*124#Check account balance
*134*PINFor reload
*484*1#Reseller balance
*142#For swipe card service menu
*126#Checking data information
*127#Look for mobile number
*200#For Vodafone red offer
*505#For SOS credit loan
*700#Mobile internet packages
*145#For agent SIM registration
*313#For Vodafone live radio
*404#Deactivate VF mini pack
*900#FBB bill payment, balance info
*400#For checking SIM registration
*474#For micro payment
*566#For super hour
*543#For Vodafone good morning
*480#For Vodafone unlimited offers
*110#For Vodafone cash
*591#For Vodafone cash agent helpline
*510#For agent application code
558For Vodafone register
*530#For Vodafone made for me
*533#For Yendi Agoro
*565#For number for life
*7070#For Vodafone supreme
*556#For Vodafone Vim offers
*5888#For Vodafone X
##21#, ##002#For deactivating from mini pack
How to check Vodafone points

To check your Vodafone points, all you have to do is dial the shortcode *5000# and you will see all your points.

Vodafone magic number code

The code for the Vodafone magic number is *900# after dialing this number, select option 1, 1, and then follow the prompts to activate the unlimited Vodafone magic number.


These are the Vodafone shortcodes you can use to access almost anything that you are looking for.

They do not look like they are any so you can memorize them in your head or you can choose to write them down.

But the best way will be to bookmark this page so that as soon as you need to refer you just put on your data and load the page from your bookmarks and look through for the shortcode that you need. It is that simple as you can see.

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