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All The Latest Vodafone Call Packages

We all want to have things cheap, right? It is a typical human being trait that people feel whenever they feel like they are about to spend money. 

Now, I am sure that it is the same way with mobile calls too. When making calls, people are trying to get the best deals possible. 

This is why they keep looking for the best telecom company out there because they want one that offers the best call rates apart from having a good network quality. 

One of the best networks in the country that offers the best call rates of Vodafone Ghana. 

Apart from having some of the best internet rates, they also have one of the best call rates. 

In this article, I will show you the Vodafone packages that you are looking for, and then you can decide which package you want. 

This post will look at how you can bundle Vodafone calls, activate unlimited calls, the Vodafone code for call bundles, and how to get an international call bundle. 

So let us get started.

Vodafone Call Bundle Packages

For the Vodafone Ghana call bundles. You can get them when you subscribe to the following,

  • Vodafone X
  • Vodafone Red 

When you subscribe to either of the above offers, you will get free unlimited calls to other networks, or you will get them to other Vodafone lines.

Vodafone Red Bundles

This is a voice and data bundle package that avails to you both on-the-net and off-net calls, data bundles, international calls, and SMS. 

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With this plan, you can get free talk time and an internet data bundle after subscribing to this package plan, just like MTN free after one.

Under this package, you will find three more sub-packages, and they are,

Daily Package

You get unlimited calls to Vodafone numbers and 10-minute calls to other network numbers with 40MB for browsing the internet. It will cost you only GHS 1.

Or, you get 400 minutes of Vodafone to Vodafone calls 30 minutes to other networks, and 100MB for browsing the internet at a charge of GHS 2.

Weekly Package

On the weekly package, you get 125 minutes for Vodafone to Vodafone calls and 125 minutes for other network calls. It also comes with 250MB for your internet needs and costs only GHS 5. 

Check out the other weekly lists below.

You can also get 250 minutes for all local calls and 250MB for browsing with 10 SMSs at a charge of GHS 10.

One thousand two hundred minutes for Vodafone only calls with 200 minutes for other network calls and 500MB data for the internet and 20 SMS packs. Costs GHS 20.

500 minutes for all local calls and a 1.5GB data bundle with 20 SMS packs for only GHS 25.

There is also a 900-minute local call one with 4GB data and 20 SMS packs at the cost of 30

To activate any of the packages mentioned above, dial *200# and choose the one you prefer.

Vodafone X

With this package, all the boxes you choose will also allow you to get free call minutes to other networks. 

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All you have to do is to subscribe by dialling *5888#and choose your preferred package, and you are good to go. 


With these Vodafone call packages, you can call your friends and loved ones for a longer time while browsing the internet with enough data simultaneously. 

These call packages allow you to save big money by getting you free minutes to call local and international, along with a data bundle that you can use to browse for a long time. 

If you look at the prices, you can see that these packages are cheap, as I said at the beginning of this article.

So dial in the shortcodes and enjoy these excellent call bundles from Vodafone Ghana. You can also check out MTN call packages and Glo data packages.

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