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Things To Consider Before Choosing A RAM

In today’s article, we will discuss some things that all computer users should know about computer memory, especially if you are considering getting a new memory for your machine.

What Is XMP?

For those of you that may have heard about XMP but do not know what it is. 

This article here explains it thoroughly for you. So what is the XMP? Let us look at what it is.

The name ‘XMP’ is an abbreviation for the Extreme Memory Profiles. 

XMP is an additional configuration set that is accessed via the system BIOS. 

This allows the computer’s motherboard to automatically do something known as ‘overclocking values’ that matches the needs of nonstandard memory. 

However, as an overclocking technology, the XMP comes with several limitations of its own. 

Some motherboards do not support the use of XMP at all. Some modules have been programmed with specific XMP values. 

Some of these values exceed the given values of a motherboard. 

Thus, XMPs can only work with motherboards that they are compatible with.

How Do Multiple Memory Channels Increase The Performance Of A Machine?

As you may be well aware, a single memory channel is 64 bits wide, and most modern systems support dual-channel memory architecture. 

This setup helps widen the memory pathway, turning it into 128 bits. 

This allows more cores to be fed more data when the machine is undertaking heavy workloads. 

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Even high-end desktop machines like the X-series from Intel and the Ryzen Threadripper from AMD go further ahead with a 256 bits memory pathway. 

This is made possible through a quad memory arrangement. 

One thing you must remember is that there are systems that require you to use a matching pair of memory modules when running a dual memory channel mode. 

In the case of a quad memory arrangement, you will need four matching memory modules. 

Although some machines allowed mixed memory modules, those machines failed to perform efficiently. 

However, this should not mean you should discard old memory modules if they match the new ones. 

They could end up giving you some good performance on your machine. 

The Best Memory Kit For Better Performance

People who use a desktop computer have an advantage in choosing the best memory. 

There is also a limit on what a hardware device can support when done on a board-by-board level. 

Most of these seem to have limits between a DDR4-3700 and a DDR4-3900. 

The user can also choose his memory ratio aside from the 1:1 balance if they are looking to reach even high data levels. 

The motherboards that use AMD’s X570 chipset automatically reduce the memory controller frequency. 

This is a setting that is beyond the DDR4 3600. So if you are looking for the best memory kits for performance, it will have to be something that contains a dual-rank module rated at DDR4-3600 CAS 14. 

These are compatible with some of the AM4 boards from AMD, Threadripper and Intel core-X, and the more mainstream Intel boards if the board has already been equipped with overclocking features.

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It would help if you, however, took note that the 10thgeneration processors of Intel and some earlier ones ran memory asynchronously to the controller clock. 

This, therefore, helps to avoid the controller frequency reduction while the performance gains are somewhat minuscule at the data rates beyond DDR4-3600.


Well, these are some things that you need to know concerning computer memory. 

This becomes helpful when you decide it is time to choose a new memory for your machine. 

Apart from knowing that the memory you choose should be compatible with the machine’s motherboard, this article also lets you know some other things.

We hope that this article has been helpful.

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