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Comparing Laptop Computers And Desktop Computers

Laptop computers have become very popular in the last decade. Laptops have surpassed desktop computers in terms of patronage.

However, that does not mean that desktop computers are not in use anymore. That is quite the opposite. Desktop computers are still very much in use due to some advantages they have over laptop computers.

Desktop computers are still used in companies by employees who do not need to go around with their work but are always working at a desk. Although laptop computers have a lot of advantages over desktop computers, they are not enough to fully dethrone the desktop.

We shall try to compare the two in this article and see which type of computer comes out on top.


We all know that a laptop computer consists of everything that you will need in a computer in its casing. A desktop computer on the other hand has different components that must all come together before you can have a ‘computer system to operate.

A laptop takes up less space depending on the type while a desktop computer will even need a table or desk. This makes the laptop more portable than the desktop.


Laptops can be grouped into different types according to the need that it addresses. These are ultra-portables, media powerhouses, gaming laptops, or budget laptops. 

The desktop computer however cannot be grouped since an upgrade can be carried out on a desktop at any point in time.

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Energy Use

Laptop computers are known to consume way less power compared to desktop computers. Desktop computers use a lot of power but are not that high. Laptop computers also have a low running cost compared to desktop computers.


The majority of laptop computers can match the power of a desktop computer. Most mid-range laptops have features that allow them to compete with desktop computers. In terms of performance, we will need to break it down and take a look at some key points.


This is the central processing unit. For example, i3, i7. or AMD. There are generations in the processor family. The recent generation processors are always faster than the previous ones.

  • CPU frequency

This is normally referred to as the speed of the processor and it is measured in gigahertz.


The storage capacity refers to the amount of data that the computer can hold. SSDs or solid-state drives are much faster than HDD or hard disk drives. There is a variation in terms of storage sizes. SSDs are also sometimes known as flash drives.


The memory is also known as the RAM. This is the temporary storage used by computer programs when they are opened and running. 4GB is now considered to be low for both laptop and desktop computers while having 16GB is considered high enough. 8GB is also considered fair enough.

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This means the graphic processing unit. This is where the display of images and videos is all taken care of by the computer. Some computers even have a separate graphics card that helps to reduce the amount of time that it takes to load images and videos.

Some computers however have the graphic card incorporated with the motherboard.

Now let us get back to the main comparison.


Laptops normally come with all components built in together. You can still connect external parts to use with It although that is not necessary unless you want to be using the laptop as a desktop computer.

Desktop computers on the other hand come with different components that all need to be assembled before you can have a ‘computer’


Laptops can run full versions of the Windows operating system and some can even run Linux. Through the use of some software like ‘Parallels Desktop for Mac,’ you could have two operating systems on one machine.

Some laptops can also be used to run the Windows 10 S mode, which is a more powerful and secure version of Windows 10.


One notable drawback of laptops is the fact that they cannot be upgraded easily. This is due to their slim design which may leave no reason for adding upgrades.

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Some upgrades that are allowed will require you to go to the shop of a technician to get it done.

Desktops on the other hand can be upgraded without much problem. Most desktop computers can be turned into powerful gaming machines that can be used to play almost any video game out there by adding various upgrade components to them. 


Through the above similarities, we get to see why the laptop computer has overtaken the desktop in terms of popularity. Laptops are portable, which makes it easy for them to be used almost anywhere.

We hope this article was insightful.

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