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Various MTN Ghana Data Bundles

MTN Ghana stands out as one of the leading and most widely embraced telecom companies in the country, boasting a substantial subscriber base.

The company’s success is attributed to its ability to offer attractive call and data plans that cater to the diverse needs of its extensive user community.

This is especially crucial, considering the varied demands for internet services among subscribers, including professionals, content creators, businessmen, students, and social media enthusiasts.

In today’s article, we will delve into the various data bundles provided by MTN Ghana. These bundles are categorized into several main types, each designed to address specific user requirements.

The main bundles include Midnight Bundles, Basic Bundles, Kokrokoo Bundle, Social Media Bundles, Video Bundle, and Turbonet Broadband Bundle.

Let’s now explore each of these bundles in detail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the options available to MTN Ghana subscribers.

1. Basic Bundles

The basic bundles are probably the cheapest offered by MTN. however, they are also the lowest.

  • 50pesewas gets you 23MB
  • GHS 1 gets you 46MB
  • GHS 3 gets you 461MB
  • GHS 10 gets you 943.40MB
  • GHS 120 gets you 12GB
  • GHS 399 gets you 205GB

2. Midnight Bundles    

The night bundles can be used at the night only from 12 midnight to 5 am.

  • GHS 1 gets you 2.74GB
  • GHS 3 gets you 5.33GB

3. Kokrokoo Bundle

This is for people who mostly browse the internet at dawn and one could select his preferred data by entering the amount he wants. The bundle lasts from 4 am to 8 am.

  • GHS 1.09 gets you 400MB
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4. Social Media Bundle

This bundle is designed for heavy users of social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Snapchat. The data in this package does not expire.

  • GHS 1 gets you 94.34MB
  • GHS 5 gets you 471.70MB
  • GHS 10 gets you 943.40MB

5. Video Bundle

This package is designed for people who stream videos online from places like YouTube a lot.

You can also choose the bundle you want by entering your preferred amount. The bundles in this package also do not expire.

  • GHS 1 gets you 94.34MB
  • GHS 5 gets you 471.70MB
  • GHS 10 gets you 943.40MB

6. Turbonet Broadband Bundle

This package is designed for people who use MTN Turbonet broadband services. To use this data package, you must have the MTN Turbonet broadband device which will then allow you access to it.

Once you have it, then you will be able to use this data package.

  • GHS 20 gets you 5GB
  • GHS 40 gets you 10GB
  • GHS 75 gets you 20GB
  • GHS 120 gets you 45GB
  • GHS 175 gets you 90GB
  • GHS 240 gets you 225GB
  • GHS 395 gets you 550GB

7. Mashup Bundles

There is also the mashup bundle that ranges from GHS 5 and GHS 10. These bundles normally last for a week and come with a combination of data bundles and minutes of airtime.

The higher the airtime that one chooses according to the package selected, the lower the data that comes with along with it.


Certainly, the data bundles offered by MTN Ghana present a diverse range of options catering to various user needs.

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The competitiveness and popularity of MTN Ghana in the country are indicative of the appeal of their data plans.

However, as with any service, personal preferences and experiences may vary, and users are encouraged to explore and compare offerings across different networks to determine the best fit for their individual requirements.

It’s noteworthy that the telecom industry is dynamic, with offerings and promotions evolving.

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