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The Different Types Of Computer Monitors

A computer system includes a monitor, system unit, keyboard, and mouse. These make up the main components of the computer system. If one of these is missing, then there will be no ‘computer’.

Each part plays a crucial role in bringing the whole system to life. However, you can still have a ‘computer’ as long as you have a system unit and a monitor.  For today’s article, we will be looking at the different types of computer monitors.

Having a good monitor to display what you do on your computer can be very helpful and make things easier.

What Is A Computer Monitor?

A monitor is the part of the computer system that displays information to the user. Or you can simply put it as a part of the computer system that shows the user what the computer is doing.

So now let us look at the different types of computer monitors.

LCD Monitor

LCD is short for ‘Liquid Crystal Display’ and it is made from liquid crystals. This monitor is widely used today than all the other types of computer monitors. The LCD uses less space and consumes less power as well.

It also produces less heat. They are much thinner and very light in terms of weight as compared to the CRT monitor. They are also very easy to move around. Due to its consumption of less power, it can provide better graphics and a brighter screen display.

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LED Monitor

LED stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. This is one of the latest innovations in computer display on the market together with the LCD monitors and plasma monitors. The LED is a monitor that is slightly curved and uses a light-emitting diode to backlight the screen. They can also be flat panel displays.

The LED is brighter and has a 4K resolution compared to the other monitor types. Due to this, it is ideal for usage in the daytime. They also use lesser power than the LCD monitor and are widely used by video gamers who play high-demanding video games. The LEDs produce images that have higher contrast and vivid colors. It is also very durable.

OLED Monitor

Organic Light Emitting Diode is made from organic materials such as carbon, wood, plastic, and polymers. These components are used to an electric current to light. The OLED is one of the latest display technologies available.

They can be thinner and have high contrast ratios than the LCD monitor. They are best for watching movies. They have wide viewing angles with great picture quality and outstanding contrast levels. They are also bright.

Plasma Monitor

This monitor is made of plasma technology and it is also one of the latest monitor technology available. In the plasma monitor, the cells are filled with electrically charged ionized gas. These cells are what give the monitor its ‘plasma’ name.

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The cells illuminate the tiny fluorescent light that creates the image pixels. Each pixel has three fluorescent lights that look like a tiny neon light. The plasma produces a superior contrast ratio.

The plasma monitor is also slim and flat and can cut down on image distortion as well as glare. However, plasma monitors are heavier in size and consume more electricity than LCD monitors.

CRT Monitor

CRT stands for ‘Cathode Ray Tube’. This monitor that came out decades ago is not really in use anymore although you can still get some to buy if you need it, albeit a second-hand version.

They are very heavy than the other monitor types and are difficult to move around easily from one place to another. They also require more space than the other monitors and they consume a lot of electricity as well.

CRT monitors fell out because manufacturers had to transition along as the world was changing with the technological advancements that were happening.       

Types Of Color Displays

There are several types of color displays in computer monitors and they are as follows.


The monochrome is also called ‘Single Color Display’ it displays data on the screen in black and white.


The gray-scale display is similar to the monochrome display. However, it displays data in gray shades instead of black and white. They are mostly used in portable laptops and hand computers.

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This display shows data with an adjustment of RGB radiations. They can display graphics in high resolution like 4K


These are the 5 types of computer monitors that we have at the moment. Each monitor is suitable for different settings according to the needs of the user. As you now know of the different types of computer monitors out there, we feel like this article has been really helpful. Do not forget to follow our social media pages for tech stuff.

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