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Various Types Of Laptop Computers

Laptop computers have now become very common all over the world. Wherever you go, you are bound to see someone with a laptop computer there if the place is a school or any other place that deals with technology.

You can see someone with a laptop at the bus stop. Many years ago, laptops were nowhere to be seen. Desktop computers were the craze at the time.

However, one of the major drawbacks of the desktop computer was the fact that you could not move it around easily.

Sure, you can move it from one place to another. But you would have to set the whole thing up again before you could use it.

So to solve that problem, the laptop computer was unveiled. The laptop made it easy to move a computer around and even use it on the go, depending on the size of the laptop.

Some recent laptops also come with touchscreen capabilities. Users can write on the screen with a touch pen or stylus, and even navigate the laptop without the use of the keyboard and mouse.

This brings us to the main issue of today’s article, the different types of laptop computers.

There are different forms and sizes of the laptop computer. Let us look at the types below.


Notebook laptops are also known as the ‘garden-variety laptop’. They weigh between 5 to 8 pounds and normally have a display of about 13 to 16 inches.

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This kind of laptop comes with sound cards and can sometimes have high-performing graphic cards that make them suitable for playing video games and other forms of multimedia. They are also very portable.


The Ultrabook laptops are much thinner than the notebook and normally weigh around 3 pounds, although they can have a screen size of around 15” big.

Due preserve their battery life for longer, they are made to run on lower power processors. They also normally have a smaller keyboard.


Netbook laptops are small and mostly not expensive. They also run on processors that are not very powerful compared to that of other laptop sizes.

They also have a smaller keyboard. Although you can get some of these laptops to buy, they are not very common anymore due to emergence of the iPads and tablets which sometimes have more performance features than laptops.


Tablets have become very popular today to the extent that most people do not even know that they are a form of a laptop because they do not normally come with a flipping screen.

They normally have small display screens and can even be used in performing professional work. There are many powerful tablet laptops that one can get but these are not cheap.

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Benefits Of Using Laptops

  • Laptop computers can do everything that desktop computers do and even do them much better.
  • You can use it to even manage your finances and perform other tasks such as sending emails or embellishing photographs.
  • You can also the majority of your online businesses almost anywhere that you find yourself or even during the process of the journey, especially if you are having a smaller size laptop.
  • You can also watch videos as well as share them. Their portability has made them very ideal for businesses and workers.  

Choosing A Laptop

In case you have decided to buy a laptop, you will have to make some research to aid you in choosing the most suitable one possible for you.

Each laptop computer comes with an operating system already installed on it. Most laptops also come with several software that allows you to run various programs already installed on them.

So you should check to see if the laptop you have pinpointed has the operating system and other software already available.

You should also check how powerful the laptop is. If you plan to play video games, watch movies, and do other visual stuff a lot on the laptop, you will need to get a laptop that has a good graphics card as well as a very good sound card. You can check out our guide on choosing the best laptop.


It all comes down to your budget in the process of choosing a laptop. The laptop types mentioned above are suitable for different kinds of people.

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If you move a lot while taking care of your work, you can find something that suits you. And if you are the type that is always gaming, there certainly is a laptop that suits your style.

Choosing the best laptop for you will go a long way to make sure that you can use it for a long time. 

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