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Tips For Buying A Good Laptop (Read This Guide)

So let’s say you have decided to get yourself a new computer because you want to be able to do work at different places quickly as your new job demands.

In this case, you will need to get a laptop computer since that is the kind of computer that can be carried around and used in the quickest of time to work.

However, you should make sure not to immediately buy the first laptop that you set your eyes on.

It is important to make sure that the laptop computer you are choosing will suit whatever you have in mind for its usage very well.

We will be sharing some tips that will help you to choose a better laptop than what you would have originally chosen before reading this article.

First, let us look at them in terms of prices or status.


If you are looking for a cheap laptop that will be used for just some small tasks, then an entry-level one will be a good choice for you if you do not care about the battery life, weight, or performance of the machine as well.

You will be able to get some for less than GHS 2.000 (we are talking about a brand-new machine here).

Laptops that are low cost are normally low-powered as well but they can still be used for any normal task such as searching the internet, sending emails, and word processing.

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For people that always want to have their machines with them wherever they go, you will need to have a machine that is thin, light, and portable.

Midrange laptops are made for people who use their machines a lot. These machines can be used to play some games, although they may have a hard time with high-end video games and other media that make use of fast graphics processing.


However, if you want a machine that can handle almost any task including playing demanding video games and other media stuff, then a high-end machine is what you should get.

These machines normally come with powerful graphic cards and are normally made for serious computer users.

Things To Look Out For When Buying A New Laptop


This can be termed as the brain of the computer system. Without it, the machine cannot work.

You should check the number of cores of the machine you are considering as well as its processing power and the price to see if it fits with your budget.

You should look at models from both Intel and AMD. However, you should be a bit careful when comparing them.


The RAM normally determines how fast or slow your computer will be when you are running multiple programs at the same time or using high-end apps.

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A 4GB RAM is mostly sufficient. However, you should consider going for 8GB or 16GB RAM or even higher if your budget can support it.

This is very important since you may not be able to upgrade the RAM after you start using the machine


Screens are also important when choosing a new laptop. Bigger screens are normally better since they can support higher graphics and are also good for playing games as well as watching movies.

Lower-cost laptops with smaller screens normally have a lower resolution. Choose a larger screen if you will be using your laptop to watch videos and movies a lot.


Some people normally underestimate the storage size they will need until they have started using the machine.

You can choose a smaller screen size if you are going to store all your files in the cloud. If not, then you will need to get a machine with ample storage capacity.


It is also very important to take a machine with a good cooling system. Let them power the machine on for a while and feel the underside with your palm for heat.

If it is too hot, then it likely doesn’t have a good cooling system, which means you should not be buying it. You should the vents around the laptop as well.

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Battery Life

You should choose a machine that has a good battery that can last longer when it is in use. Since most laptops are meant for moving around, having a longer battery life is an essential feature it should possess. 


It should be able to access wifi with good speed. It would be great to find a laptop that has wifi that supports the current wifi standard wifi 5.


Although you cannot everything you want, you should try to choose a machine that has the features that will be most important to you or that can cope with your budget.

Choosing a laptop is very important because this is not something you can throw away after a month and buy another. Else we would not be talking about the budget here.

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