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Popular Laptop Brands In Ghana

We recently covered the best laptops to buy in Ghana and it is right we cover the most popular laptops in Ghana.

Many computer brands in the world claim to make the best computers in the world. In Ghana, there are several machines from all these brands that sell in various technological shops across the country.

Since computers have become a part of most people today, it is quite common to see a computer in almost every house that you may visit.

Computers are used for several things apart from work. Most people who own computers, especially laptops, mostly use them for watching movies and playing games. 

If you have not owned a computer before and you are thinking about getting yourself one, it is advisable to be familiar with all the computer brands that are available in Ghana.

Below are some of the computer brands that can be found in Ghana. Before we get started, you may need to know what a computer is first.

What Is A Computer? 

It is a machine that carries out sequences of arithmetic or logical operations through programming. 

There are several types of computers on the market that people can choose from. Some computers cannot be moved easily and always need to be connected to a power supply before they can be used, whiles there are small portable computers that can be carried around easily and can be used anywhere because they have a built that stores power for use when it is not connected to a power supply.

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Popular Computers In Ghana

So below are some of the computer brands that can be found in Ghana.


Apple is one of the most famous brands in the world. The tech giant is well known for its iPhone line of smartphones which are among the most expensive smartphones in the world.

Apple produces computers as well. The computer was producing computers before it decided to join the smartphone market.

Just like its smartphone counterpart, apple computers are not cheap. However, they come with some of the best software, hardware, and security for all that money they squeeze out of your pocket.

If you want to experience the Mac OS, then maybe it is time to try an Apple computer.


Hewlett-Packard is one of the oldest computer manufacturing companies in the world. The company’s name consists of the names of its founders.

The company initially started as a manufacturer of scientific instruments and then branched out into the production of printers and then to computers.

They are one of the most popular computer brands in Ghana.


Lenovo has made a name for itself in the Ghanaian computer market. It is now one of the most trusted computer brands selling in Ghana.

Lenovo makes and sells both business computers and home computers. The computers made by Lenovo are also very easy to use.

Dell Computers

Dell is also one of the most popular computer brands in Ghana and the world over. The founder of the company, Michael Dell, started by building clones of IBM computers out of his dormitory into what is now known as Dell computers.

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Their computers, especially laptops, are one of the best and last longer when cared for properly.


Toshiba has also managed to gain some presence in Ghana with its computers. The Japanese company sells more tech products apart from computers.


This is a subsidiary of Dell Computers that specializes in the creation of gaming machines. It is very popular among PC gamers and comes with an alien-themed design.


Acer is also one of the most popular computer brands in Ghana. The Asian company makes some of the best-performing computers in the world and their computers are used by a lot of Ghanaians.


Samsung is a household name in Ghana when it comes to smartphones. However, the same cannot be said about their computers, although they have gained quite a presence on the market.

Samsung is known for building some of the best-performing gadgets in the world and their computers are no exception.    


LG is also one of the computer brands in Ghana. The company also makes smartphones which can be found in Ghana and they are fairly popular. 


This brand is used by some people in Ghana although the brand name is not quite popular yet.


Sony is well known in Ghana for the media systems that the computer manufactured. The computers made by the computer are also well known and used in Ghana as well. 


These are the well-known computer brands in Ghana at the moment. If we missed a brand you know, then it means that that brand has not made enough name for itself.


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