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All You Need To Know About Jumia Pay

Jumia Ghana seems to be changing the face of business in Ghana as it keeps expanding into different territories in the African market space.

Jumia Ghana’s presence in Africa can be spotted in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, and many other African countries.

Jumia is known to have brought a lot of improvement in how business is done in the areas of sales and delivery in these African countries.

Their innovation has seen several companies, both big and small follow in their footsteps.

Jumia runs several services which include the popular Jumia online shopping app, Jumia foods app, Jumia travels and now there is Jumia pay.

The Jumia pay app is gradually gaining ground as it has been the preferred payment online app by a considerable number of people.

The app is preferable to use on Jumia platforms online. Let us take a lot at the Jumia pay app and see what it is all about.

About Jumia Pay

The Jumia pay app is an online payment application that was created by Jumia to make online payments easier for Africans whether on the Jumia platforms or not.

The app allows users to make payments to several online and offline channels whether inside or outside the country of the user’s residence mostly at no charge.

How It Works

The application is a cross-platform app that works on several platforms like android and IOS.

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It can also be used on online web applications that are compatible with javascript browsers.

Before you can use the Jumia pay services, you will first install the app on your device. You will then have to register on the app to start using it.

How To Register For An Account

Registration can be done in two ways. There is one for people who already have a Jumia account probably through the Jumia online shopping app, and the second one is for people who do not have any sort of account Jumia account anywhere but wants to have an account on the Jumia pay app.

For Existing Jumia Account Holders

If you already own an account anywhere on the Jumia platform, you have heard of the term ‘Jumia one”.

With this Jumia one, you can use the logins of your already existing Jumia account to log in to all other Jumia platforms.

This means that you can use the same logins you use for your Jumia online shopping app to login into the Jumia pay app. It works like Google. Follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the ‘sign in’ on the Jumia pay app
  2. Enter the email address of your existing Jumia account
  3. Click next
  4. Now enter the password of that existing account and click on ‘sign in’

After you have signed in, the details on your other existing Jumia account will be shown on the Jumia pay as well.

How To Register For No Jumia Account Holder 

For people who do not have an account on any Jumia platform but want to register for the Jumia pay app, you will have a different registration since you are new to the whole platform. 

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Follow the steps below to register for your Jumia pay account.

  1. Download the Jumia pay app and install it
  2. Click on ‘sign in’
  3. Input your email address
  4. Now click on ‘create a new account
  5. Input your desired password
  6. Click on ‘create account’

After this is done, you will now have a Jumia pay app and be able to use the payment services of the app.

Jumia Pay Uses

This is an all-in-one platform that can be used to make payments for a wide range of products and services.

It can also be used to purchase airtime and data bundles on all telecom networks in both Ghana and Nigeria.

The airtime and data purchased on the Jumia pay app do not come with any additional charges.

You can also use the app to pay for things like DSTV fees and GoTV subscriptions.

Video gamers can also use the app to purchase gift cards for their favorite consoles such as Playstation and Xbox live.

It can also be used to buy gift cards from Netflix, Google play store, and the Apple app store as well. 

Apart from all this, the Jumia pay app is also the required app used for handling all payments on all Jumia platforms.


So now you know more about the Jumia pay app and how exciting it is. Why don’t you give it a try by downloading it? Check your play store or app store now.  

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