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Best Android Antivirus Apps To Protect Your Smartphone

Like we discussed in our previous article, there is Android malware in existence that most people are not aware of. 

Some smartphones have even been infected without the owners not knowing about it. We also listed some of the most dangerous Android malware that can cause havoc to Android devices when they take it over, such as Shedun and Godless. 

To fight these viruses or remove them from your Android device, you will need to have an antivirus application on your Android device.

In this article, we will be sharing some of the best Android antivirus applications out there that can be used to protect your Android devices from malware attacks and remove any malware that may have already infected your machine. 

Some of this antivirus come with several useful features that will help protect your android device while guarding your personal information and your online activities.

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Here Are Some Of The Top Android Antivirus Applications.


Bitdefender is one of the greatest antivirus applications for Android devices. It comes with an on-demand install and scanning feature that makes it very easy to use. 

It protects your online browsing activities as well as protecting your personal information. It can be used for both smartphones and tablets android devices. 

Bitdefender can tell when your email account gets breached and help you find your Android device when it gets stolen or missing. The application does not drain the battery life that much. 

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It can also confront malware threats instantly without affecting the device’s performance and has a 24/7 security update available. Has VPN to help secure your online activities.


Avast is one of the most popular antivirus software for computer systems due to its efficiency and effectiveness, and they have antivirus for Android devices. 

One of its amazing features is the ability to lock up your files with password protection. The easy regular scans it offers are a great way to ensure that your device is free from malware threats. 

It can also discern when an application is malicious and prompt you, thereby preventing you from installing the hidden malware application. It can also protect you against malware-infected links and can also detect how secure a WiFi network is.


McAfee mobile security is one of the best mobile antivirus applications that helps protect your device against phishing attacks and malware. 

It also prevents malicious software from reaching your device. It blocks hackers from accessing your home network by securing your firewall and protects your Android device from various forms of malware. 

With a 256-bit encryption ability, it keeps your most sensitive files safe from people who may be trying to spy on you.


With a good ability to protect your mobile device from online malware and threats, it has a password managing feature for websites. 

However, this is antivirus software that drains battery life. It comes with several valuable features that include:

  • Blocking spam messages.
  • Security improvement advice.
  • Scanning already installed apps for malicious malware.
  • Blocking unwanted calls.
  • Setting a regular scan timetable to scan the mobile device once in a while.
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Avira works in the background protecting your device while you go about your activities without affecting anything you are doing. 

It can detect a large number of malware. The antivirus application can detect around 350.000 malware. 

It also packs some awesome features, such as the ability to clean your memory and storage so that your Android device can run a lot faster. Detecting whether your email ID has been leaked, tracking lost phones, and helping with recovery, showing you apps that try to seek access to your sensitive data.

It also protects your calls, chats, and others by giving you a PIN password.

Dr. Web

Good for preventing malicious malware from accessing and stealing your information. It also has spam protection, filtering out calls and text, detecting system vulnerability, blocking numbers, and detailed logs of all filtered data.

The above listed are some of the best mobile antivirus applications that you can get to protect and keep your mobile devices safe from malicious mobile malware and attacks from hackers who will want to steal your personal information. 

We always advise being extra careful when downloading apps because even antivirus applications can have malware hidden in them, affecting your Android device after you have installed it. Always make sure to check the legibility of the website from where you are downloading the app. 

Wrapping Up

We all need to be on the safe side because the virus does spread. This article went through the best antivirus apps that you need to have installed on your phone to be on the safer side.

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If you are also on your computer, then you might want to check out the best anti-virus software for your computer.

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