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How To Find Or Change A User ID On Telegram

Telegram, a rapidly growing messaging app, stands out with its array of features that distinguish it from its competitors.

The app is not only free but also user-friendly, though it hasn’t reached the same level of popularity as WhatsApp.

Telegram’s rising popularity can be attributed to its innovative approach, and many users appreciate its desktop messaging features.

Unlike some desktop messaging apps, Telegram is designed to be resource-efficient, consuming less RAM and processing power.

Today, our focus will be on a specific functionality: finding a user ID on Telegram. This process is notably straightforward, contributing to the overall user-friendly experience offered by the platform. Let’s delve into the details of how to locate a user ID on Telegram.

How To Change Telegram ID

There are two IDs on Telegram and they are the Telegram ID and the Telegram user ID. The Telegram ID is the name that you chose yourself. If you wish to change the Telegram ID, 

  1. Go to the three horizontal line menu 
  2. Go to settings
  3. Choose ‘edit profile’
  4. Click on your name
  5. Now change it to whatever name you want

On your mobile device, just click on the vertical dots at the top of the menu and then proceed to change your name.

How To Search For A User ID On Telegram

However, when it comes to finding your Telegram ID, that is a bit different. The good thing is that the steps you will use in finding the user ID on your desktop are the same for the mobile app as well. Please follow the steps below carefully.

  1. Go to the Telegram app
  2. In the search bar, type in ‘@userinfobot’
  3. Tap on it and then choose ‘start’ located at the bottom of the chat interface
  4. The bot will then show you your user ID along with your first name, last name, and language of choice
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The bot can repeat the command. All you have to do is to tap on ‘start’ once again for it to repeat the command and display your user ID. 


If you found the article helpful, feel free to leave your feedback in the comments. I’m here to assist you with any further questions or topics you’d like to explore. Happy messaging on Telegram.

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