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How To Report Someone On Telegram (2 Easy Ways)

Telegram is the best place to be if you love privacy. The app also has many features that WhatsApp is yet to have. If you want to know how to report someone on Telegram, then this article is for you.

Telegram makes it easy to chat with your friends and loved ones on the app. With Telegram, you can even search for people using their username, unlike WhatsApp, where you can message someone with their phone number.

On Telegram, although you can message someone having their number, it is also much easier to find someone just by username.

Talking of numbers, we have an article taking you through how to know if someone has saved your number using Telegram. If you are also on WhatsApp, you can read how to tell if someone has saved your number using WhatsApp.

On August 14, 2013, Pavel Durow launched Telegram. The app claims to have almost half a billion users.

Although Telegram is making it easy to message someone and bring in new features to make us get stuck on the app, others too are abusing the app by using it for their scam activities.

And there is a way to deal with these guys. Telegram itself has a report feature that allows you to report someone on the Telegram app. This will lead to the limitation of the person you have reported. Let’s first talk about what happens when you report someone.

What Happens When You Report Someone On Telegram?

As I said, there are people whose sole aim Is to scam people on the app, and others too may be annoying in a group that you are with them, or some people will message you directly by taking your contact from a collaborative group they join with you.

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I have personally received a lot of messages from random guys that we both join the same particular group.

What happens when you report an account? When you see someone disturbing you, you report the user.

Telegram moderators will then look through the last chat between you and that person and then decide if indeed that person deserves to be reported and then the moderators will temporarily limit the account.

How To Report Someone On Telegram 

There are two ways to report someone Telegram, and in this article, we will cover all of them.

How To Report Someone On Telegram Via Group

If you are in a group and someone spamming the group, you can report that user to the abuse team, an inbuilt feature in Telegram.

To do this:

  1. Launch Telegram on your phone
  2. Open the group or channel that the person you wish to report is spamming in.
  3. Tap on the name of the spammer. A pop-up menu will appear. Click on Report 
  4. Telegram will ask you to specify the reason why you want to report someone, and choose your reason for reporting.
  5. Click on the icon on the top right to report the user.
  6. When done, Telegram moderators will go through the chat and then decide if the person deserves to be reported or not.
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The review takes place to be sure if the person is doing that or it is a setup by a group of people to make sure someone loses their account.

How To Report Someone On Telegram Via Email

Telegram allows you to report someone in a group. Still, Telegram currently does not enable you to report individuals, but there is a way to go around that: reporting that person using the email option. 

Here is how to report someone using the email option 

  1. Launch Telegram and open the chat between the person your want to report
  2. Click on their profile 
  3. Tap and hold their username or their phone number, click on Copy. After copying, now is the time to report that person via email.
  4. Open your mail (any mail you are using, whether Gmail, Yahoomail, Hotmail)
  5. Click on the compose icon
  6. On the receiver tab, type [email protected]
  7. Now write your message to the abuse team detailing why you are reporting that user, also. Don’t forget to add the person’s username or number to make it easy to work on it.
  8. Now send the message after composing your Report.

So in case, you have been wrongly reported, what do you do? Remember, when you are reported, your account will temporarily not be able to message people. The only thing you can do is reply to messages, and you can only reply to people who have your number stored.

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What To Do When Your Account Get Reported

When you find out your account has been reported and you are confident that Telegram has suspended your account by mistake, you can also contact them, and the ban will be lifted from your account.

To do this, contact @SpamBot and tell them your account has been limited. 

The moderators will review it again, and if it were indeed done by mistake, the temporary ban will be lifted.

If you find your account temporarily suspended, you might have abused some of their privacy policy.

Wrapping Up 

We all love to have fun and sometimes meet new people, but sometimes we find ourselves in a group full of annoying people.

We might also sometimes join a group or channel to have fun or learn or receive something, but we might end up meeting people who are only there to spam.

Telegram has also thought of this before, and they have a way to deal with these guys. In this article, we went through how to report someone on Telegram, this article, we went through the various ways to say someone, and how reporting someone on Telegram works.

If the reporting doesn’t stop people from spamming and disturbing you in a group, you can also read this article covering how to leave Telegram groups.

If you leave the spamming groups and still wish to join the correct groups, you can click here to read how to find Telegram groups.

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