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All You Need To Know About Signal Messaging App

While many messaging apps exist, WhatsApp stands out as the most popular and widely used globally. Telegram gained traction, especially after WhatsApp experienced an outage a few years ago.

However, there’s another messaging app that hasn’t gained much popularity but is the focus of today’s article – Signal.

Signal has witnessed increased usage, particularly following WhatsApp’s announcement that it would share data with its parent company, Facebook.

Although data sharing had been occurring since 2016, users had the option to opt out until a recent announcement made it mandatory for all users.

This led to approximately 7.5 million Signal app downloads in just five days. While Signal has become popular internationally, its popularity doesn’t seem to resonate as strongly in Ghana, where awareness remains limited.

Signal’s appeal lies in its robust security and privacy features, making it a favorite among tech enthusiasts.

These features ensure that all conversations are kept secure, shielding them from online prying eyes.

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How Signal Works

Signal is currently regarded as one of the most secure messaging apps globally, owing much of its security to a concept known as ‘end-to-end encryption.’

This encryption process, also employed by WhatsApp, ensures the privacy of your chats.

The mechanism operates by encoding the messages sent by the sender in a way that only the intended recipient can decipher them.

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Consequently, neither the government nor Signal itself can pry into your messages. This heightened level of security has garnered Signal a significant user base, particularly among journalists, government officials, and individuals dealing with classified information.

However, it’s important to note that the security of messages on Signal is guaranteed only when both the sender and recipient are using the app.

Signal Features

Signal, while sharing similarities with other text messaging apps, distinguishes itself by offering heightened security features.

It is available for free on IOS, Android, Mac, and PC. Android users even have the option to set Signal as their default messaging app.

At its core, Signal facilitates one-on-one or group chats, allowing users to share various media such as pictures, videos, links, and voice messages, much like many other messaging apps.

Notably, Signal goes a step further in terms of security by enabling users to lock the app with a fingerprint scanner or passcode, preventing unauthorized access to their devices.

Similar to WhatsApp and Telegram, users need to utilize their phone numbers to join Signal, although they can maintain privacy by signing up through a Google Voice number.

For iOS users, there’s the added option to prevent call history from syncing with the cloud by turning off the ‘show calls in recent’ feature.

Signal also emphasizes privacy through features like disappearing messages and the ability to set photos and videos to vanish after the recipient has viewed them.

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These elements collectively underscore Signal’s commitment to prioritizing user privacy, making it stand out among messaging apps with its comprehensive array of privacy-focused features.


While Signal may not currently enjoy widespread popularity in Ghana, there’s a gradual uptake, particularly as WhatsApp imposes certain demands on its users.

This trend suggests that, over the next few years, WhatsApp’s dominance might face challenges, potentially leading to the rise of either Telegram or Signal as the preferred messaging app.

Both Telegram and Signal distinguish themselves by placing a strong emphasis on privacy and security, factors that are becoming increasingly significant for users.

The shift in user preferences and concerns about data privacy may contribute to a transformative landscape in which these privacy-focused apps gain prominence.

It will be interesting to observe how the messaging app landscape evolves, and whether the user base of Signal and Telegram continues to grow, potentially challenging the current dominance of WhatsApp.

The focus on privacy and security is a key factor that could shape the future dynamics of messaging app usage.

Maybe it is time for you to see what Signal is all about. You can download the app for free for IOS, Android, PC, and Mac.  

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