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Facebook Couldn’t Own The @Meta Handle On Instagram Despite Owning The Platform

Recently Facebook has been in the news, and it’s all about their rebranding. We also wrote an article about rebranding and even suggested a possible name that Facebook would change the parent company’s name to.

On October 28, Mark Zuckerberg announced the new name change. He made it known that Facebook is changing its name to Meta.

Many people were surprised to hear the name change as it was new to everybody. But it was not new to people that know what Facebook is up to.

This is because Facebook has recently been teaming up to make sure they are leading in the Metaverse technology world.

Metaverse is a new technology that allows us to connect with our loved ones virtually without the need to be there.

With Metaverse, you can be sitting in the comfort of your home and can be playing a tennis game with your friend virtually.

So after the name change, people got to understand why Facebook changed its parent company name to Meta, and the reason was to make sure their company name reflects on the new future they are building.

After the announcement, we saw Facebook changing the names of their social handles. Mark changed the official Facebook brand name to Meta.

Other social media handles on Twitter were changed to @meta, but on Instagram, Facebook couldn’t change their name to @Meta there because @Meta is already taken.

@meta is known to be owned by a motorbike magazine. And because of this, Facebook changed its username to @wearemeta.

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Many people thought Facebook would have snatched the name by force because they own the platform, but they didn’t, and instead, they created a new handle.

After Facebook created its new Instagram handle, it has gained more than 1 million followers.

One thing people need to note is that Facebook is just changing the company name to Meta. Meaning Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and all related apps will be under one company called Meta.

Many people thought Facebook would be changing its Facebook app name, which is not valid.

The name change was not only on the company. Facebook has also made it known that the company stock will start trading starting December 1, and the symbol of their stock will be MVRS. 

So what do you think about the new name change? have you followed @wearemeta on Instagram yet? Don’t forget to also follow @Emmarnitechs on the platform. 

Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom
Emmanuel Boakye Yiadom
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