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Now Users Can Now Rate Your Messages On WhatsApp

Recently we wrote an article covering WhatsApp’s latest update, which was focused on making it easy for you to make privacy settings on the desktop version.

And now we are going to brief you about an update that is currently available to some beta testers.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out an update that will allow users to give feedback from WhatsApp business users.

With this new feature, a user will be asked how satisfied they are doing business with you.

The user will then rate based on how you communicate with them.

And then WhatsApp will then let your business owner know how people think about his service.

Whatsapp will not disclose who rated, but the business user will only see how people think about their services.

WhatsApp itself will not be able to see the feedback or rating a user gave because it is known to be end-to-end encrypted, and because of this, WhatsApp can’t see how the rating goes.

WhatsApp is launching this feature for business users to know what people think about them, and this will also help them improve how they communicate with their customers.

There are many plans for WhatsApp business users, users can already post their items on their catalog, and friends and contact lists can go through them and order them.

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This new WhatsApp feature is currently available to some beta testers, and you can try updating your mobile app to see if it is available to you. You can then start rating WhatsApp Business users based on how they treat you when chatting or ordering from them.

Whatsapp is also planning on adding a feature that makes it easy for anybody to search for services right in the app. Many features are on their way, and emmarnitechs will gist you with everything related to their mobile apps and updates.

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