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Facebook To Change It’s Company Name

Yes, you heard it right. Facebook is about to change its company name to be able to focus on the metaverse.

This decision was made known by Verge, a Big Tech company in the US.

We all know Facebook to be the most popular social media on this planet. The platform boasts 1.9 billion active users a day.

Facebook has been in the news following their outage, which lasted for more than 6 hours.

And they are in the news again, but it’s about a name change for this time.

The name change is going to happen next week, Mark Zuckerberg will brief the whole world about the name on 28th October, and this day also happens to be the company’s annual Connect conference.

There has been a lot of issues surrounding Facebook. Recently a Facebook ex-employee exposed Facebook that the platform focus on profit rather than the well being of its users.

The new name change will help the company reclaim its image from all the intense scrutiny.

Facebook is not the first company to do a name change. In 2015, Google changed its company name to Alphabet, so people knew Google was one of Alphabet’s products. That is what Facebook is also about to do.

Facebook have many platforms and companies. The Facebook group has Whatsapp, Instagram, VR glasses and many other social media platforms.

The new name that Facebook is about to give the company is still unknown, even the senior leaders in the company don’t know about this new name, but it is speculated that the new name would be Horizon.

One thing to note is that The Facebook app is not the one going to be changed. Many people think the app is the one that is going to have the name change, but that is not true.
The company in which Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram are among is what Mark Zuckerberg will change. Just like what we talked about, Google Changed its company name to Alphabet.

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