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How To Know If You Have Been Blocked On WhatsApp By Someone

There are a lot of people on WhatsApp as it is the most popular messaging app in the world. Many features come with WhatsApp and users are free to make use of these features.

One of the features of WhatsApp is the ability to block people so that they will not be able to send you messages. 

It may have happened that you have annoyed a friend on WhatsApp by saying some things that you did not even know were offensive.

All of a sudden, you realized that your messages to that friend are always on a single tick. This means that there is a possibility that you have been blocked by that friend.

However, you will need to make use of that before drawing any conclusion. So in today’s article, we will look at some of the things that can prove to you that you have been blocked. 

Whatsapp was first used to let you know when someone blocked you on the app. However, it does not inform you anymore if you have been blocked or not.

All you will see is your messages gathering dust with a single tick. This is intentional from WhatsApp to protect the privacy of the person who has blocked you.   

Profile Photo

One way to see if someone has blocked you is by checking their profile image. If you see that the profile picture that was there has suddenly vanished and has not been replaced over a long time, then you may have been blocked by that person. If you still see the profile photo, ten of you have not been blocked.

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Last Seen

You will also not be able to see the ‘last seen’ of someone who has blocked you. This point is not important because the ‘last seen’ can be hidden by people in the settings.

So this does not guarantee that you have been blocked. However, if the person used to allow his last seen to show and you do not see it anymore along with the vanished profile photo, then it is a possible sign that you have been blocked. 

One Tick

If you see that the message you sent to the person is still having one tick after a long time, then you have been blocked. This means that the message has not been delivered to the person because he has blocked you so WhatsApp will not deliver the message.

This can also happen if the person has not turned on their data, but it is highly unlikely that the person has not come online after a long time of chatting with you the last time   


Try placing a voice call to someone you suspect to have blocked you. if it rings, then you have not been blocked. But if the call does not go through, then you have been blocked.


You cannot add someone who has blocked you to a WhatsApp group. Being able to add the person means that he or she has not blocked you, yet. If you cannot add them, then it means that they have already blocked you.

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Using these methods, you can verify if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or not. Remember that WhatsApp will not let you know if you have been blocked so you will have to get your confirmation yourself.

If you do not want to be using any of these methods to verify if you have been blocked, just make sure not to offend anyone, eh?

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