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How To Clear Telegram Messages And Chat Histories

Maybe you are like me, who has migrated to Telegram from WhatsApp because of privacy issues.

Telegram is one of the most fantastic messaging apps to use. On Telegram, it isn’t easy to lose your messages because the chats are stored on the cloud so that you can be able to access them.

Unlike WhatsApp which stores messages on your phone, and when you decide to back it up into your Google Drive. With Telegram, you don’t have to worry about your drive storage running out, and Telegram does it for you.

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now let’s dive into how Telegram works in terms of storing chats

How Telegram Stores Chats

Whenever you send and receive messages on Telegram, Telegram stores them in the cloud, meaning they are stored in different data centers worldwide, and these chats are fully encrypted.

Secret Chat makes it hard for other people to access the Chat, but rather, the sender and the receiver are the only users who can decrypt it.

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Also, Telegram stores your chats in the cloud so that anytime you get a new phone. You can download the history of your conversations to that new phone from the cloud.

So How Do You Delete Telegram Messages?

At first, it was not easy to delete messages from Telegram, but after the update starting from version 5.5, it is now easy to delete telegram messages and chat histories.

With Telegram cloud chats, you will have 48 hours to delete messages you have sent to users.

If you fail to delete a message sent after 48 hours, you can still delete the message, but the recipients will still have the message.

Maybe you are having a conversation with someone, and you sent a message that you wish you hadn’t said, or maybe you asked someone a question and have already gotten the answer someone and don’t want to delete that question from the chat screen, here is how to go about it.

How To Delete Telegram Messages

  1. Launch Telegram and open the Chat you want to delete
  2. Press and hold the conversation you want to delete
  3. On the top right, you will see a bin; click on it
  4. Telegram will ask you if you want to delete the message, if you want the message to disappear from the recipient chat screen too, tick Also Delete For (the receiver name)
  5. Now click on Delete
  6. Ticking that button makes sure the Chat disappears from the receiver’s phone.
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How To Delete Entire Telegram Chat

Maybe you have had a conversation with someone, and you are done, or you don’t want to have a copy of the conversation that went on.

Telegram allows you to delete the entire Chat to do this:

  1. Launch Telegram and open the conversation you want to delete the whole chat history
  2. Click on the three vertical lines
  3. Select Delete Chat
  4. You can also click on Also Delete For (the recipient’s name)
  5. Then click on Delete to delete the entire conversation.

Also note, that when you delete a chat, you will have 5 seconds to undo the action. In case you deleted it by mistake, click on Undo.

So, What Is The Difference Between Could Storage And Secret Chats In Telegram?

In Telegram, your chats are stored in a cloud, meaning Telegram stores them on their server, and then anytime you get a new device. The messages are transferred to that device from the telegrams cloud server.

Secret Chats, on the other hand, are messages that are between you and the user. However, the chats are end-to-end encrypted. It only gets stored on your device. Secret Chat isn’t accessible on all your devices since it is not added to the conversations stored on Telegram’s cloud.

So if you want more privacy on Telegram and don’t care about losing your chats, then I suggest you use the Secret Chats option anytime you have a conversation with someone and an important issue.

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Gone were the days when it was harder to delete telegram messages. Now it is easier to delete specific messages and even clear all the chat history on Telegram.

In this article, we went through how to clear Telegram messages and chat histories the easy way. Do you want more telegram tips? check out how to leave the Telegram group the way and how to block that annoying user on Telegram.

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