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How To Export Telegram Chats And Media

As you already know, Telegram is one of the fastest-growing messaging apps at the moment. One thing that makes Telegram appeal to the masses is the number of privacy-focused features that have been integrated into the app.

There are a lot of things that users can do on the app. Some of those things are the ability to join a channel where you can get updates about maybe the stock market and see more wildlife, the ability to send muted messages so you do not disturb the reader, and many more. 

Now, there is another feature that is sure to get users excited. Telegram users can now export their chats while still keeping them accessible and readable. Not only chats can be exported.

Users can export media and files as well. With this, users can even export their chats to avoid the loss of data in case of accidental deletion of chats or accounts. There are not many messaging apps out there that give you the ability to export your data. The export option is available on the desktop Telegram app. 

How To Export Telegram Chats And Media

If you are looking to export your Telegram data, you can do so quite easily. Below are the steps to follow to export your data from the Telegram app. These steps must be done on the desktop version of Telegram and not the mobile app.

So if you do not have Telegram for your desktop, you will need to have it installed before you can go ahead with the exportation.

  1. Login to your Telegram account on your desktop after installing it
  2. Go to export chat and then open the chat which you wish to export. This is because all the chats cannot be opened at the same time.
  3. Locate the 3 dots on the top right side of the screen and click on them. now, click on ‘export chat history 
  4. In the chat export settings, choose the items that you wish to export with the already chosen chats
  5. After making your choice, click on the export button. Your chats will then get exported immediately
  6. After the export is complete, the result will be shown to you by Telegram. You can then click on the ‘show my data’ button to see the folder that contains the export you just created. 
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How To Access Exported Files

After the export has been completed, they can be accessed easily anywhere. They will be stored in a folder on your computer. If you are looking to read the chat messages in the export, just open the ‘messages.html’ file to access the chats. The file will be opened in your web browser and you will be able to read them. 


So that is how you export chats on the Telegram app. Looking at the way the exports are, you can even use it as a form of backup for your chats since Telegram does not have a backup feature at the moment. Please note that the export feature cannot be done on the mobile version of the app.

You need Telegram on your computer before you will be able to export chats. The feature can only be done on a desktop. In that case, I am sure that this article has been helpful; to all the Telegram users on this page. Make sure to visit the site for more Telegram-related articles and news.

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