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Features Of The New IOS 15 And Devices That Are Compatible With It

The release of Apple’s latest operating systems, iOS 15, WatchOS 8, and iPadOS 15, marks a significant milestone for users of iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches globally.

Eligible devices can now download and install these new operating systems, providing users with an array of enhanced features that elevate functionality beyond the capabilities of the previous iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and WatchOS 7.

As Apple continues to innovate, users can anticipate a more enriched and seamless experience with their devices, thanks to the new features and improvements integrated into these latest operating systems.

If you have any specific questions or if there’s anything particular you’d like to know or explore about the new updates, feel free to ask.

Downloading IOS 15

For iPhone users seeking to download the latest iOS 15, ensuring their devices have a minimum of 3GB of available internal storage space is imperative. To initiate the manual download of the new iOS, kindly follow the concise steps outlined below.

Before downloading the latest iOS update, it is highly recommended that your device maintains a battery level exceeding 50%.

For an added layer of precaution, connect your device to a power source during the download process to mitigate the risk of any unforeseen disruptions caused by a low battery while you are away.

  1. Go to your iPhone settings
  2. Go to’ general.’
  3. And now go to software update and begin the download of the new IOS
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The new mobile operating systems are compatible with some devices and not all of them. Below, you will find the appliances that each OS is compatible with.

  1. IOS 15

The new IS 15 is compatible with iPhone smartphones starting from the first iPhone SE (Gen 1) to the recently released iphone13 series. So if you are using a first-generation iPhone SE or an iPhone that was produced after the SE, then you are eligible to download IOS 15

  1. iPadOS 15

The new iPadOS 15 works with the fifth-generation iPad pro to the latest iPad mini.

  1. WatchOS 8

The new WatchOS 8 is compatible with the apple watch series three and higher.

IOS 15 Features

The new IOS 15 is undoubtedly the most important of the new OS since it is expected by millions of iPhone users worldwide. It comes with some new exciting features such as share play, portrait mode, and spatial audio, which are all upgrades for facetime.

We would make mention of a few here, and you can check out the rest once you have downloaded the IOS 15 for yourself.


iPhone users can now turn on and off notifications for senders, promotions, and transactions that they do not know, giving users more control over their messages. Memoji is also now customizable as new stickers and many other options one can choose from.

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Focus mode

This allows the user to customize their notification filter according to their preference. The focus mode enables users to organize their app and widget pages on their iPhones home screen.

Apple authenticator

iPhone users now have an in-built authenticator by apple that can be used on their accounts to enable two-factor authentication. Once a site requires a code, you go to settings and password, and the apple authenticator will then generate a password. This means you will not have any need for third-party apps.

Finding iPhone

You can now locate an iPhone even if it has been turned off with the ‘find my iPhone’ app. Airpods can also be recovered when lost while not connected o Bluetooth. Through the use of a new network  


This feature is software that enables you to share music, movies, and other stuff with a facetime user.

Live text

With this feature, users can copy numbers and text from pictures. It can work on screenshots, photos, safari, or in the camera.

Apple maps

Iphones users can now view a wide range of elevation data, driving directions, road colours, improved night mode, and 3D landmarks with the apple maps. An augmented reality feature is also added to the apple maps app.


It seems that the IOS 15 is an excellent update from the previous IOS 14adn. Based on these few features listed here, it will become the best. Users should get a great experience from their iPhone smartphones from now on. 

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