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How To Find Groups On Telegram

You may have some friends who are active users of Telegram and they kept telling you about how they joined an interesting group recently in which there are lots of activities and media to share. This made you feel like joining the group as well.

However, you could not do so because you do not know how to locate the group on Telegram may be because you are new to the app. If you are such a person, then there is no need to worry now. This article will teach you how to locate a group on Telegram so that you can join.

Before we go ahead, it is beneficial to know the kinds of groups that we have on Telegram. There are mainly three kinds of groups on Telegram and they all differ from the other. Let take a quick look at the groups before we go ahead.

Types Of Telgram Groups

Private Group

This is a group with a limit of 100,000 members. It is a chat multi-user group and cannot be identified by a user unless he or she is added by an administrator of the group by sharing the link with the user. 

Private Supergroup

This is also a chat multi-user group with a limit of 100,000 members. This is different from private groups due to the ability of moderators to delete and pin messages in the group among several other actions. And since it is also a supergroup, users cannot identify it easily on the app unless added by an administrator or joining through a link. 

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Public Supergroup

This is a group that can be identified easily on the Telegram app by users due to it not being a private group. It can also be found through social media sites. So now, you see that it is only public groups that you can search for.

Searching For Telegram Groups

Let us look at how you can search for a group on telegram.

  1. First of all, you will have to open the telegram app.
  2. After the home screen has appeared, you can use the search engine to search by typing in the name of your group.
  3. The search engine can be seen on the top left corner of the screen. After you see the group you are looking for, you just tap on it and join clicking on ‘join group’

Searchig For Telegram Groups On Websites

You can also search for telegram groups through websites. You can use Telegram Spain. This site deals with channels, groups, and bots. You can easily search for a group here. To use Telegram Spain to search for your group, you first need to connect to the website through a navigator on the internet.

On the main screen, just click on Groups which is a menu item. You will see a section that is reserved for groups and then you can use the search engine to search for your group. You can see the category of groups when you touch the word Groups. After identifying the group you are looking for, just on the ‘add to telegram’ button. 

You can also bring it down by clicking on ‘Top 100’. This is will display the 100 most trending groups where your group could be possibly found. 

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How To Search For Groups On Telegram Through Channels

You can also search for groups through channels in telegram. You can do this by subscribing to a channel. This is because channels are normally used for sponsoring groups. For example, If you member of the Telegram Spain channel, you would be able to view posts under the Groups category.

You can just click on the link that has been provided by the group administrator and you will find yourself at the Telegram Spain website. Just do as previously shown and click on ‘add to telegram’. This will open Telegram and you can then subscribe to the group.


So these are the ways through which you can search for groups on telegram. It may seem complicated but I am sure that once you try it, it would be a fairly easy thing to be doing.    

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