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How To Use Foap And Make Money In Ghana

The Foap app is one of the money-making apps that people can use to generate some additional income themselves.

There is also a website where you can do the same things as are done on the app. The app allows people to upload photos with their smartphones.

The photos are then bought by companies and brands that later use the images for commercial purposes.

The sellers are paid when a photo is purchased by a buyer and they share the proceeds with Foap.  

In one of our previous articles, we showed you all you needed to know about the app. In today’s article, we will be looking at how you can use the app.

So if you are a lover of photography and you think that your pictures are marketable, please read on.

How To Use Foap

You will first download the app and then create an account. You will then be able to upload your pictures and join missions and make money.

You can use either your Facebook account to register or you can use email, which will require you to fill in some more information. This makes registration very easy.


There are some icons found at the bottom of the screen that allows you to explore the app as well as to use it. Some of the icons can also be found at the top of the screen. 

  1. Newsfeed– the ‘newsfeed’ shows you the news section of the app where you can find information for various missions as well as those who won them. 
  2. Following– the ‘following’ tab takes you to the other Foap users that you are following on the app. You can quickly access their profiles from there and view and their upload. 
  3. Me– the ‘me’ tab allows you to see how the other users on the Foap app have been reviewing your photos. Users will also see the photos you post and rate them.
  4. Explore– the ‘explore’ tab allows you to view the pictures that have been posted by the other Foap users.
  5. Sold– you can also see the kind of pictures that have been sold by tapping on ‘sold’ which can be found at the top of the screen.
  6. Recent- this lets you see the photos that have been uploaded recently by other users on the Foap app.
  7. Search- the ‘search’ tab allows you to search for a specific genre of pictures that you are looking for. There are several genres of photos that are uploaded on the app by thousands of users from all over the world. So you will need to search by genre to get exactly what you are looking for. 
  8. Camera- use this to upload your photos from your smartphone.
  9. Missions- this is where you will find all the needed information about the latest missions that have been organized by Foap. 
  10. Active- all the current briefs of missions can be found here in the active tab.
  11. Joined- you can check out all the new missions that you have recently joined in this tab
  12. Winners- this is where you will be able to see the winners from the previous missions that were organized. 
  13. Menu- takes you to the settings and options part of the app where you can manage anything from your photos to changing notifications settings and withdrawing your profits.
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Uploading A Picture

To upload a photo on Foap, follow the steps below.

  1. Tap on the camera icon which is located down the screen
  2. Select the photo that you intend to upload. you can select several photos together to upload at once
  3.  Click on ‘done after selecting the photos for uploading
  4. Add a description of the photo together with relevant tags
  5. Click on ‘publish’
  6. Answer if there are people in the photo you uploaded. If there are people in it, you will need to get the person to sign a model release form. After it has been signed, you will then need to upload it to Foap. This is because the permission of the model or person in the photo is required before you can sell the photo
  7. Go to your profile page to view the photos that you just uploaded 


It is always good to upload a high-quality image since it has a better chance of selling much faster than an image that is not high-quality.

Always make sure that the models in your photos are aware that you are selling the photo because Foap will always need the signed permission of the model appearing in the photo.


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