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All You Need To Know On Foap Use In Ghana

What Is Foap?

Foap is one of the money-making apps available in Ghana that people can make money from.

The app is available for both android and IOS smartphones. Foap allows people to make money by selling their photography to buyers who are interested in them.

Both professional, as well as amateur photographers, can sell their photos on Foap. You can even sell photos that were taken with just a smartphone.

You can sell a photo anywhere from $5 to $100 depending on how good the photo is. There are several businesses and marketing companies that take buy photos from Foap’s wide base of more than 2.5 million photographers.

These businesses use the images for commercial purposes. Foap also has a photography community that people can join.

How It Works

The Foap app allows its users to upload the photos that they take with smartphones. This can be either an iPhone or a high-end Samsung.

All that matters is that the photos have to be of high quality so that they can attract buyers.

After you upload the images, they will be available to sell to anyone will be interested. Buyers will then search for images on the Foap market and buy the one that takes their interest at You can even sell the same image several times. 

You can also sell photos in what we call the ‘Foap mission’ the Foap mission is a challenge that is organized by companies and brands such as Pepsi, MasterCard, Nivea, Volvo, and Bank of America.

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The company or brand will provide some specifics as to what kind of images they are interested in.

The people who take in the challenge will then go take the pictures and present them to the mission. You then get paid when yours is selected out of the ones that get picked.

The pay

The photos that are uploaded to your profile normally sell for a price of $10 each, on the Foap marketplace.

However, you do not take all the $10 that a photo as Foap takes $5 of the amount as a commission, leaving you with half of the total amount.

However, more money can be made when you take part in the Foap missions where winning images get paid about $50 or more. The payments are made via PayPal.

Things to note

Foap is not for people who are hoping to get rich overnight as the payments of the app are not the highest there are among the money-making apps in existence.

It could even take you more than a month before you can make a sale depending on the quality of the photos that you upload.

However, if you think you have the needed patience, you could try joining the community and uploading your photos to see how well you do. 


  • The app is free to use and you can upload the images from your phone
  • You can upload the images together so that you can save time
  • You get a chance of having your images seen by big companies even if they don’t buy
  • The pictures get watermarked and shown in lower sizes until someone requests to buy it
  • The images are sold with exclusive rights. This makes it possible for you to sell the same image several times
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  • A large number of users makes it harder for your photos to be seen and get bought
  • It takes a lot of time if you want to create a large portfolio
  • Earning is not all that great due to the 50% commission that the app takes from your earnings
  • The images have a low selling price on the marketplace
  • You can lose money if you bought a product to shoot for money if you do not win


The foap is a great place to make some extra money if you are a lover of photography and you think that you have the images that companies and brands will be interested in.

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