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Well-known Taxi Companies In Ghana And West Africa

Looking for a taxi to ride around in West Africa is not something that you will find hard at all.

Several ride-sharing companies are operating in Ghana and West Africa as a whole which has made it easier to hail rides no matter where one may be.

Some of these ride-sharing companies are well-known in Ghana. A lot of developments have been happening over the African continent with the emergence of various ride-sharing platforms being one of them.

Big taxi companies have been able to enter the West African continent as they look to possibly take over the budding transport industry while local companies also emerging to make that that does not happen.

We are set to see the interesting flow of the transport industry in the coming years as more and more ride-sharing platforms appear on the scene, all looking to take some part of the available cake.

We are yet to witness the ride-sharing company that will be able to unlock the full potential of the transport industry on the African continent.   

They have made a huge impact on the transportation industry of Ghana and the African continent as a whole.

In today’s article, we will be taking a look at these ride-sharing companies that are operating in the country and Africa and the impact that they have had on the African continent as a whole.

Let us get started.

What is a ride-sharing company? 

This is a service that arranges one-way transportation for customers on short notice.

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Ride-Sharing Companies In Ghana And Africa

Now let us dive into the ride-hailing app that you can find in Ghana and Africa as a whole.


make money on uber in ghana

Uber is one of the most popular among all ride-sharing companies in Ghana and Africa. The company has been to forge a strong presence in Ghana and it is one of the most used ride-sharing services in the country at the moment.

Uber was launched in 2009 in the American city of San Francisco where its current headquarters is based.

The company now has operations in more than 65 countries in the world. In Africa, Uber operates in both Ghana and Nigeria.

Nigeria saw the first launched ride-sharing company in 2014 before it was launched in Ghana in 2016.

This made it the first ride-sharing service to be launched in Nigeria ad it is now available in Lagos and Abuja, the two major cities of Nigeria.

In Ghana, Uber is operational in the capital city of Accra and Kumasi.



Bolt was originally known as Taxify. It is an Estonian ride-sharing company with its headquarters in the Estonian city of Tallinn.

It has a presence in over 15 countries across the world. It is also operational in both Nigeria and Ghana and it is the biggest rival to Uber at the moment in West Africa.  



This ride-sharing platform was originally launched in 2015. It offers its services to both car owners and riders.

People who own cars and want to earn some extra money are carefully scrutinized before they are allowed to offer rides to passengers on the company’s ticket.

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Riders who are also looking to catch a ride can do so by simply entering the information of their trip to help them find rides that are in their vicinity.

Oga Taxi

Oga Taxi

This is the first ride-sharing platform from Nigeria. The company was launched in 2016 and its main aim was to compete for market share with Uber and Bolt.

It has its headquarters in the city of Abuja and its operations can be found in cities like Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos, which are major cities in Nigeria.

The company offers a customer-centered service that offers a great experience to riders. It operates in only Nigeria without any operations in Ghana as of yet.


The ride-sharing industry in Africa is rapidly growing and it will reach a peak with the passage of time.

These companies are changing the whole transportation game on the African continent as time goes on.

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