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Types of computer keyboard And Their Uses

In the realm of computing, various types of keyboards exist to cater to diverse user needs. These keyboards can be broadly categorized into two main classifications: ‘basic’ and ‘extended.’

  1. Basic Keyboards: Basic keyboards adhere to a standard layout, encompassing alphanumeric keys, function keys, and essential control keys such as Enter, Shift, and Ctrl. Designed for general computing purposes, these keyboards provide a conventional interface commonly integrated with desktop computers.
  2. Extended Keyboards: Extended keyboards offer enhanced features and functionality beyond the standard key layout. These may include additional function keys, multimedia controls, programmable keys, and ergonomic designs. Preferred by users with specific requirements, such as gamers, programmers, or individuals engaged in multimedia production, extended keyboards cater to specialized computing needs.

Within these overarching categories, various types of keyboards leverage distinct technologies to meet the diverse demands of computer users.

The forthcoming discussion will delve into the nuances of each keyboard type. However, before this exploration, it is essential to establish a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental role a keyboard plays in the domain of computing.

What Is A Keyboard?

A keyboard stands as a fundamental input device employed for entering commands into a computer system to facilitate processing.

This integral component of computing plays a pivotal role in user interaction with digital devices.

Now, let us delve into an exploration of the various types of keyboards available, each designed to address distinct user needs and preferences.

Types Of Computer Keyboards

Below are all the most popular computer keyboards,

Qwerty Keyboard

This particular keyboard design draws inspiration from the traditional typewriters of the past, featuring a layout known as Qwerty.

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Widely prevalent today, these keyboards are ubiquitous in various computing environments.

The Qwerty layout is frequently employed as an instructional tool for typing, with many students learning the skill using this configuration.

Given its widespread use, the Qwerty keyboard is well-suited for individuals accustomed to its layout, particularly those who have been using it since childhood.

The familiarity extends to children, who often learn typing skills using this keyboard, further contributing to its prevalence and user comfort.

Wired Keyboard

These keyboards are affordable and accessible for people who want to get a keyboard that will go with their style and needs.

These keyboards use USB cables to connect to the computer very easily. They are also less latent, unlike wireless keyboards.

If you do not mind having a peripheral connected to one of your UBS ports for a long time, you could make good use of a wired keyboard for better command input into the computer.

Numeric Keyboard

In certain computing configurations, keyboards may lack an integrated numeric keypad, prompting users to consider a separate numeric keyboard for access to numbers and mathematical functions.

Numeric keyboards serve as an intermediary solution, offering numeric input functionality without incorporating the full array of keys found on comprehensive keyboards.

Positioned between minimalist keyboards and those equipped with an extensive set of features, numeric keyboards cater to users seeking a compact yet functional input device.

For individuals utilizing keyboards devoid of numeric keys and necessitating numerical and mathematical capabilities, acquiring a numeric keyboard presents a practical and tailored solution to address specific input requirements.

Ergonomic Keyboard

These types of keyboards are designed to help reduce the strain that the body suffers while typing. They usually are laid out so the user can rest their hands comfortably and naturally while they order.

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They are a great choice of keyboard for people who usually strain while they type since they are designed to reduce the strain associated with typing.

It is ideal for people who are concerned about typing positions. If you do not mind spending more than average on a keyboard that will help reduce strain as you work, then you should consider getting yourself an ergonomic keyboard.

Wireless Keyboard

Wireless keyboards leverage either radiofrequency antennas or infrared technology to establish a connection with the computer, providing users with increased flexibility and mobility.

The key advantage of wireless keyboards lies in the freedom they afford users. With the absence of physical connections, individuals can position themselves anywhere within the room, maintaining the ability to type as long as they have a clear line of sight to the computer or connected device.

This type of keyboard proves particularly advantageous for those who have linked their computers to large TV screens, allowing for a comfortable viewing and typing experience. Furthermore, the portability of wireless keyboards, unencumbered by wires, makes them suitable for on-the-go use.

If the prospect of enhanced freedom and flexibility aligns with your preferences, investing in a wireless keyboard represents a viable choice, albeit one that may involve a slightly higher cost.

Bluetooth Keyboard

These keyboards are a bit more expensive than the other keyboards. They connect to your computer with Bluetooth connectivity.

These keyboards are versatile and also offer some freedom during use. 

You can also connect it to your computer without the aid of any additional equipment.

Magic Keyboards

The magic keyboards are made by Apple and come with a polished look. They make use of rechargeable batteries for power, and they can connect to Mac computers automatically.

However, just like any other Apple product out there, the Magic keyboard is one of the most expensive keyboards money can buy.  

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Backlit Keyboard 

These keyboards glow while being used, which helps the user see what they are typing, especially in a low-lighting environment. They come in both wireless and wired styles and can even add a ‘wow’ factor to your computer setup. 

Gaming Keyboard

These keyboards are designed for people who play computer video games daily. They are more durable to withstand constant pressing and also offer a quick response to inputs. They can also be used for long periods.

Flexible Keyboard

A flexible keyboard is a keyboard that comes with a soft silicone material known to be potable, and it gets connected to the computer through a serial port or USB port.

multimedia Keyboard

Multimedia keyboards are the type of keyboards that come with extra keys for playing and controlling media.

These keyboards come with play, pause, stop, and rewind, and volume up and down buttons attached to the regular keyboard keys we have.

Also, if you are in the middle of something and find out your keyboard is not responding, you can use your virtual keyboard to continue with whatever you are doing.

How To Access The Virtual Keyboard On Your Computer?

  1. Click on the Start button search for ‘On-screen keyboard,’ and launch it
  2. now use your mouse to click on any letters or words you want to type

We hope this article was very insightful to you if you wondered about the various types of keyboards we have.   


Indeed, the diverse keyboard types available cater to the varied needs and preferences of users, ensuring that individuals can select a keyboard that aligns with their specific tasks and activities.

The extensive range of keyboard designs, from traditional Qwerty layouts to numeric keyboards and wireless options, underscores the importance of tailoring the computing experience to individual requirements.

Ultimately, the choice of a keyboard becomes a personalized decision, allowing users to optimize their interactions with computers based on their predominant tasks and usage patterns.

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