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Types Of Computer Mouse [Top 11 + Pictures]

If you have read some of our previous articles, you will see that we talked about the different kinds of computer keyboards and monitors.

So it is only right that we should talk about the different kinds of computer mouse as well, so at the end of this article, you are going to know all the types of mouse. 

What Is A Computer Mouse?

A computer mouse is known to be a small input device controlled by hand used to control what is seen on the computer screen.

A mouse is the arrow icon that is seen on any computer screen. As you know, the arrow moves when you move the mouse. This leads us to why you are here, the various types of the computer mouse.

The mouse is used for doing anything such as clicking on an icon, closing software, and many more.

There are several types of computer mouse available on the market. However, just like I stated in our previous articles, you don’t just have to get up and take any mouse just because you are looking to buy.

It would be best if you chose a mouse that will suit the purpose of what you will be using it to do.

How will you be able to choose the best mouse that is suitable for you? Before you can choose the best mouse for you, you will need to be conversant with the different types of mouse before you can make a selection among them. And that is what this article is all about. 

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Types Of The Computer Mouse

The first-generation computer mouse had very little function as compared to the mouse being used today. So now, let us take a look at the various types of computer mouse.

Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse

A wireless mouse uses radio frequency to transmit signals to a receiver that is connected to your computer. The computer will then use the signals received to decode where the mouse was moved and then move the cursor on the screen in the same direction.

It also does the same with the buttons that you click on the mouse. The wireless mouse also offers users some amount of freedom while using them. However, they can sometimes be unresponsive due to the decoding process that wireless mouse use.

It can be very frustrating, especially for gamers, who need mouse with very quick responses. However, some wireless mouse have been designed specifically for gaming purposes that address the issues with lag.

Wireless mouse comes in two types, the one with batteries and the ones that use electricity, so in other to use these types of mouse, it need to be plugged into charging.

What Are The Types Of Wireless Mouse?

There are two types of computer wireless model mouse, and they are

  • Radiofrequency mouse
  • Bluetooth frequency mouse

Wired Mouse 

wired mouse

This kind of mouse is connected directly to the computer by using a USB port. The information needed by the computer is transmitted to it from the mouse through the connection cord.

Wired mouse have fast response times since the data needed by the computer is sent directly to them.

Wired mouse are also very accurate compared to wireless mouse. Due to this, wired mouse are the best for people who play video games or do some other work that requires a good mouse.

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Bluetooth Mouse

bluetooth mouse

A Bluetooth mouse is very similar to a wireless mouse since they do not need a cord to transmit information. Although some wireless mouse uses a dongle connected to the computer to operate, Bluetooth mouse use the Bluetooth connection of the computer to connect the mouse.

If your computer does not have Bluetooth capability, you will not be able to use a Bluetooth mouse. However, you may still be able to use a Bluetooth mouse with a computer without an internal Bluetooth connection if you can get a UBS cord to connect the mouse to the computer. 

Trackball Mouse

trackball mouse

The trackball mouse, also known as the mechanical mouse, is a kind of mouse that appears to look like it has been turned upside down due to the big ball on top of it.

The ball on top of it has sensory capabilities that move the cursor on the computer when one moves the ball with their finger.

They do not require much effort to operate and allow for easier scrolling as well. However, they are not ideal for gaming if you generally use your mouse to do. 

Optical Mouse

optical mouse

Almost all mouse are optical. However, this is the true optical mouse that uses a red or infrared LED light projected onto the surface the monitor the movements of the mouse and sends that information to the computer.

The light projected by the mouse bounces off the surface to a sensor which then converts the light particles into an electric current.

Optical mouse normally have smooth movement and accuracy. They do not need a mouse pad and can even be used on a glass surface.

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Laser Mouse

laser mouse

The laser mouse is very similar to the optical mouse in both wired and wireless forms. The laser mouse, however, uses an LED and does not show off any light at all. They also tend to have better accuracy than optical mouse.  

Magic Mouse

magic mouse

Apple created this mouse for use with Apple computers only. This mouse has a multi-touch technology that allows the user to swipe and scroll by moving his hand over the mouse’s surface.

They can make regular work more efficient due to the ease of use. You can use the magic mouse with windows machines by installing the relevant drivers. 

Vertical Mouse

vertical mouse

A vertical mouse has an ergonomic design that makes users hold it in a ‘handshake’ position. Through this position, the pressure that normally builds on the underside of the wrist reduces. Doing this helps to reduce strain-related conditions.

USB Mouse

usb mouse

A USB mouse is one of the most well-known mouse models in the world since the initial use of the USB standard in 1996. They come in two forms wired and wireless mouse. They are fairly easy to use for all PC-related tasks. 

Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse

You can purchase the gaming mouse in both wired and wireless forms. They normally include additional features because it is mainly made for playing computer games, although you can use them for all the normal tasks that other mouse on this list are used to doing.

Gaming mouse offer a more ergonomic design together with less latency and higher accuracy. Also feature more buttons than the other mouse models.


So these are the various types of mouse that we have available. I am sure that you will find the kind of mouse that you need now that you have seen the different kinds of the available mouse. Mouse are fairly cheaper than their keyboard counterparts.  

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